Top 5 physiotherapy exercises for sportspersons

Top 5 physiotherapy exercises for sportspersons

Physiotherapy is a professional science-based field that helps in discovering the different methods and strategies to deal with the physical problems of the body. It incorporates different medical fields such as anatomy, medical problems, physical exercises, neuro-anatomy, musculoskeletal problems, psychological problems etc.

For treating the physical injuries that sportsmen often experience when plays any type of sport is dealt with by a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist is trained medical personnel who make use of certain physical procedures and methods to enhance maintain and reestablish your well being to improve your working ability in day to day life.

Let us look at the most commonly used 5 physiotherapy exercises which can help you in gaining a better understanding of physiotherapy. Before we go on to the exercises, we should first understand sports physiotherapy.

Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy especially deals with the proper assistance, care, and enhancement of well being of athletes, such as that of fighters to professional sportspersons and playful children also. The management process of dealing with sports injuries consists of a series of steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, sports physiotherapist has to make an initial assessment and then diagnose the injury occurred.
  • Then, the injury should be treated by using a specific treatment procedure with the help of experts’ advice and different techniques to speed up the healing process.
  • One undergoes rehabilitation strategies so as to help athletes to start playing again.
  • If there is any further risk involved, then prevention procedures like an assessment of movements should be done to ensure correct identification.
  • To educate the affected individual and sharing the other experts’ knowledge with affected athletic people in helping to prevent further injuries
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Children’s sports injuries

A sports physiotherapist is also known for dealing very effectively with the children and making their assessments. If there is any musculoskeletal injury or joint injury to any child, then it can affect the growth and development of the child in the long run, especially, if not treated effectively.

Hence, it becomes essential to go to a physiotherapist so that the overall assessment of a child’s physical structure and development can be examined other than simply injury.

Some of the children’s sports services are treating sprains and services, growth plate injuries, sports-related injuries, and patients’ rehabilitation. The 5 physiotherapy exercises are mentioned below:

1.    Active and passive exercises

Active exercises are a type of exercise where patient consciously exerts force to accomplish a particular action, for instance, standing straight up from chair under physiotherapist’s supervision. Assistance is provided only if any problem occurs for instance, the patient fall down.

Passive exercises are a type of exercise where the physiotherapist assumes an active role in assisting the patient to accomplish some task. For instance, passive range of motions (ROM) exercises such as when physiotherapist is helping the patient to move a patient’s body for preventing atrophy and many more such conditions.

2.    Resisted exercises

This is also known as strength training as it helps in enhancing the strength and muscle mass, restoring the bone strength and enhancing the metabolism of the body. It assists in developing proteins in muscle cells to exert force properly. It is much essential for performing daily life activities easily.

  • Some resisted exercises include weight machines where a person picks up weights as per convenience by addition of or removal of plates,
  • Picking free weights in which you can enhance control over body position
  • And calisthenics which involves exercises like chin-ups, pushups, and chin-ups.
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3.    Joint mobilization techniques

It is another treatment procedure which is used for management of musculoskeletal dysfunctioning. Joint mobilization is very effective in cases where the joint is displaced as a result of injury or any disease. However, one should take care of certain conditions under which it is not allowed to perform this technique such as if someone is suffering from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis if there is any bleeding in the joint area if there is degeneration of the joint etc.

4.    Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques are very helpful in calming down the person, reducing anxiety problems and helping in recovering the body emotionally. There are various relaxation techniques used such as deep breathing, meditation techniques etc.


Therefore, these are the top 4 physiotherapy techniques used for treating sports injuries and diseases.

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