Does Fitness Have To Be A Fight? Not Really

Does Fitness Have To Be A Fight? Not Really

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You might think that getting in shape and getting fit is going to be a massive struggle. That’s certainly how it is displayed in the media, isn’t it? You see people sweating, lifting massive weights and essentially working their ass off to get in shape. Depending on your personality, that will either give you the motivation you need to hit the gym. Or, it will push you towards the comfort and the safety of the sofa. After all, not everyone loves the idea of spending hours at the gym pumping iron.

Well, if you fit firmly into the latter group, then you’ll be pleased to hear that getting in shape and getting fighting fit doesn’t have to be all that difficult. In fact, there are various simple ways to make sure that you’re working out the right way without breaking your back and eating well without killing off your tastebuds. So, let’s look at some of the options you can consider and what they could mean for you.

Avoid Getting Soaked In Sweat

Does Fitness Have To Be A Fight? Not Really

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Let’s start by making sure that you don’t have to get soaked in sweat to lose weight. Though, that’s actually a good option if you don’t want to workout! Head to a sauna and spend half an hour or so in the heat, letting the sweat drip from your body. It’s a brilliant way to make sure that the weight does run off you in no time at all. Now, it’s important to realise at this point that while sweating does cause you to lose weight – look it up – it can be temporary. As such, if you want to keep it off you need to do a lot more than this, and that includes eating the right stuff on a regular basis.

Still, it’s definitely one option worth considering if your least favourite word in the world is ‘gym.’ Of course, working out doesn’t have to mean that you sweat and strain those muscles. There are lots of different types of exercise that are less strenuous and just as effective. Our favourite example is most definitely running or rather, walking. Did you know that walking is just as effective as a form of exercise compared to running? It’s true, and you can burn off the exact same amount of calories. If you hate cardio, this could be a fantastic option for you to consider. Just go for a walk and make sure you travel at least a few miles every other day. Do this, and you will be able to get in fighting shape without working up a sweat.

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Is this the only form of exercise that is easier than lifting weights? Actually, there are lots of other forms of exercise that you can also try. For instance, you might want to think about yoga. Yoga is a great way to workout the body and the mind. You might think that yoga won’t tone up that tum, but we guarantee that it absolutely will particularly if you adopt the right technique.

Getting Those Vitamins

Does Fitness Have To Be A Fight? Not Really

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It can be a struggle to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need in your diet to stay healthy and keep fighting fit. You might think that if you get your five a day, you are accomplishing this, but it depends if you get a mixture of different fruit and veg. If you don’t like all the different types, this can certainly be more of a challenge, and you will have to consider different ways to get all the vitamins that your body needs. Bear in mind that this becomes more important as you get older because your body needs more help to stay healthy. You certainly need to make sure that you are getting antioxidants in your diet. Antioxidants are special natural chemicals that help fight the process of oxygenation in your body. This has been linked to numerous medical conditions including but not limited to cancer and diabetes. As such, it is in your best interest to work and get as many as you can on a regular basis.

When you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to fit them all in. The good news is that you can get vitamins like this through simple means such as using packets and mixing it into the water. By doing this, you’ll be able to get the vitamins your body needs without constantly having to think about how to fit them into your diets. Companies like Kyani Team Genesis has more info here that you can use and discover how simple eating well can be. Of course, you also need to think about the main part of your diet and the biggest issue here will typically resisting the temptation of fast food. But we have the answer to that too.

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Five Minute Healthy Meals

Does Fitness Have To Be A Fight? Not Really

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We all live busy lives, and we are all under constant pressure whether that’s from work or perhaps our world at home. But that doesn’t mean that our diet has to suffer under pressure. In fact, it is possible to make great, healthy meals in just five minutes. An example of this would be a stir-fry. We know the word ‘fry’ makes it sound like a rather unhealthy option, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s possible that you can use something like fry-light – a healthy, organic liquid to grease the pan and then add your veg. No one says a stir fry had to include fatty meats after all. If you do want to add meat, try some chicken breast with the fat cutaway.

This is just one example of a five-minute meal that you can make after you get in from work and that won’t negatively impact your health or your fitness.

We hope you see then that staying fit and healthy really doesn’t have to be a battle. In fact, you might discover that it’s a lot easier than you think to stay on track of both your fitness and your diet.

Does Fitness Have To Be A Fight? Not Really

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