Eating Your Way to Weight Loss

Eating Your Way to Weight Loss bowl of fruit


Body fat can be incredibly hard to get rid of if you aren’t in the right mindset. Torturing yourself day after day at the gym and eating less is possible for some, but for the majority of the world, it’s a task that doesn’t seem physically possible. Not only does eating less mean you have less energy, but working out more often means you’re consuming more energy and thus, you need to eat a little more to stay awake.

However, what you eat can make a huge difference in your plans for weight loss. Sugary foods like energy drinks can really harm your chances of losing weight, and there is a big difference between good and bad calories. For instance, 200 calories of milk is going to give you more nutrition despite being lower in volume, whereas 200 calories of soda won’t contain any nutritional value at all despite being more drink per calorie.

There are plenty of ways to eat healthily and moderately so that you can meet your weight loss goals without stressing out or starving yourself, and here are just a couple of ways to do so.

Eat regularly

The most common piece of advice we get when it comes to losing weight is that we have to eat regular meals. There is an exception to this that is covered below, but you generally want to eat often but limit your portions. If you eat more than what’s required by your body, it’s stored as fat and this is what makes us overweight. However, if you eat the right amount of food, then you burn as much fat as you put on during a day, keeping yourself stable. In short, to lose weight, you need to burn all of your excess energy stores by eating less and exercising more. However, if you refuse to eat in order to lose weight, your body’s metabolism slows down which means you’ll stop burning fat again, so eat regular meals—just limit the portion sizes.

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Use online tools

There are many nutrition plans on the internet that can help you with this, but the biggest factor is how many calories you consume and how much nutritional value each calorie contains. The best way to calculate this is to use an online calorie counter that also tracks the average nutritional value of everyday foods such as fruits and vegetables. You’ll notice that sweets and junk food don’t contain many nutrients at all despite being high in calories, whereas some low-calorie foods such as vegetables contain a lot of nutrients, and protein such as chicken is low in calories but packed full of good stuff.

The option of fasting

Starving yourself isn’t a good idea when you want to lose weight unless you fast. Fasting typically means that you only drink water and you skip eating anything. Intermittent fasting is a popular method of slimming, but it’s also rather difficult. It is, however, a way to eat larger portions on your “cheat” days while you fast on the other days.

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