What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit in the shadows outside

Image Source CrossFit is the new fitness trend everyone is talking about. You may have seen it advertised at your local gym. A friend may have spoken to you about it. But what actually is it? Made up of various high-intensity exercises, CrossFit is simply speaking the ‘Sport of fitness’, designed to encourage physical wellbeing […]

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Top 5 Running Sneakers

running marathon race crowd of runners

The choice of the right running shoes is the main aspect for people looking after health. We present 5 the best models of sneakers. More sneaker reviews. 1. The version Brooks Ghost 9 renewals are focused on the improvement of a design of the upper part construction and fit on the feet. In addition, present […]

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Top Sports To Get You In Shape

soccer players chasing ball in shape

Image source Different people have different methods to get into shape. Why? Well, it’s because everyone is unique, and certain techniques suit particular people. The gym, for example, can be intimidating and costly, two reasons not to pay for a monthly membership. However, you might find sports fun and enjoyable. Still, fun and enjoyment aren’t […]

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Most common injuries in runners

common injuries in runners stretching outside

Whether it’s a light morning jog in your local park, a treadmill workout, or even a marathon preparation, running is a complex exercise and a staple of any cardiovascular routine. It has incredible benefits for your health and fitness, but you are also running the risk (get it?) of injuring yourself, which could potentially impede […]

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