Flat Stomach Workout to Get Back into The Perfect Shape

Losing the overall weight isn’t tough, but losing those extra calories around the belly region can become tough. If you want to achieve a well-toned and perfect body shape, losing that unwanted flab around the tummy is the most crucial bit. There are several kinds of flat stomach workout, diet, and weight-loss programs that are available. However, there are certain specific things that one has to follow to get a flat stomach. With the exercises, it is important to eat the right to gain a flat stomach. Working out throughout the day and binging on junk food items will make no sense at all. In this article, we have written about everything that one has to know and prepare for getting a flat stomach.

The preparation phase for a flat stomach

Performing workouts require a lot of motivation and determination. You must try things that work well for you. If you are interested in community workouts, enroll in a gym or a yoga class. By performing Yoga, it becomes easy for you to perform core workouts easily. Yoga makes the body flexible, and the muscles will start to loosen up a bit. Toning those muscles or shedding those calories is much easier.

Choose simple exercises

There are a variety of exercises available for flat stomach workout. Do not start with a complex exercise right on the first day. This will soon kill your spirit. You will lose interest at once as these exercises are not apt for beginners. Check on the internet or speak to your trainer and get a list of exercises that are easy yet, effective.

Keep track of the weight.

Losing weight is certainly not an easy task. Keeping a tab on the weight-loss every 15 days once is going to increase your motivation levels. Sticking to the regime of losing those extra calories around the belly becomes fun and intense.

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After you follow all these things, performing the below exercises made exclusively to reduce the stomach fat will become a lot more fun.

Lying Leg raise

This is one of the simplest and the best stomach exercises that everyone can do. Lie down flat on the exercise mat. Stretch the legs and place the hands adjacent to both the legs. Raise both the legs at an angle of 90 degrees above the ground without lifting the back. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Perform five repetitions and do it regularly.


This is one of the best and most effective best stomach exercises. Lie down flat on the mat; position both the hands behind the head. The feet have to be on the ground. Lift your head without raising the legs. The stomach muscles will feel a crunch, and no wonder this exercise is called crunches. You need to repeat the steps up to 15-20 times per set. Perform five sets every day and see the results.


Sit-ups for flat stomach workout is effective if followed stringently. A lot of people struggle with this in the beginning. As time passes by, this exercise will become the most favorite amongst all. You need to lie down on a mat, and that’s the first step. Place both your hands behind the neck. Look up the ceiling by looking above. Later, you can use all the energy and push your upper body completely to rise above the ground. When you do this, your body will come to a sitting position. Thus, the name sit-ups!

Heel touch

Heel touches can be really fun to do. These exercises are going to help you lose all those extra calories around the waist and tummy regions effectively. To perform this exercise, lie down on a yoga mat. Place the heels on the ground and stretch the legs. The width of the legs has to be more than the shoulders. Rise from the ground from the sides and touch the right heel with the right hand and the left heel with the left hand. Five sets of 15 repetitions are perfect.

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Snake pose

The snake pose in Yoga is known to make your stomach flat within 15 days if done regularly and properly. This is a core exercise, and it stretches the stomach muscles completely. You have to lie down the mat on your stomach. Touch the forehead to the ground. Position the hands at the chest level. With complete energy, raise the body upwards, forming a snake posture. Hold this position for 15 seconds to feel the complete stretch. Five sets of 15 reps of this exercise can be a great treat to flatten your tummy.

Well, these are the top 5 exercises that can make your workout an amazing one. The results achieved out of these exercises are going to make you follow them regularly. Apart from these, we have also written a few points on the food that is good to get rid of the fat around the stomach.

Extra tips along with flat stomach workout

  • Drinking Lukewarm lemon water every morning before starting the workout is going to accelerate the fat-burning process.
  • Cut down on food items that contain a lot of sugar and salt will also help in flattening the stomach.
  • Eating fresh fruits and salads of vegetable will helps in the detoxification process. Once the toxins are all released from the body, losing fat becomes easier.
  • Consuming protein-rich food instead of the carbs will also show great signs of weight-loss.
  • Water has to become your ally. Drink more than 12-14 glasses of water every day. This increases the metabolism and the fat burning process as well.

We hope that this information given to you will help you when you start your workout to get a flat stomach. By just working out harder, losing that stubborn fat around the tummy is pretty challenging. Along with the exercises, it is also important to practice the right eating habits as well. Only when all these things are done right, you would be able to achieve your goal of an amazing body without any flaws.

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