Is Pilates good for weight loss? Here’s a 5-minute read-up!

is pilates good for weight loss

Is Pilates good for weight loss? Yes, it is, without a doubt!

No wonder the first search this morning that gets to your search engine is whether Pilates is good for weight loss or not. Celebs do give some motivation! Now that you are here and know that Pilates hits just the right muscles, why not put up your legs and scroll through this content. This write-up will not just give you answers but also show you some tricks and treats to make your Pilates routine a kilo-shedder!! Down you go –

For the uninitiated, back in the 1920s, when US-based trainer John Pilates started this workout routine for comeback soldiers and contemporary dancers – the primary focus was to improve: one’s body awareness and flexibility. Hence, the mechanism was developed to target the core strength and lean muscular build. In both the set-ups – courtesy of the muscle stretching, that excess flab accumulated in one’s body is shed off, albeit with time.

is pilates good for weight loss

So, now, the main question – weight loss and Pilates – here’s the story.

Is Pilates good for weight loss?

Lets’ start with starters –

  1.   Pilates helps to improve muscle flexibility and strengthens the internal muscular system.
  2.   Pilates targets lean muscles – thereby burning the excess fat which has been accumulated.
  3.   Pilates helps to stabilize your spinal system.

And you thought going to the gym was just about lifting weights? Well, Pilates is a different world altogether. Apart from reducing those flabs to get the abs – it acts as metabolism and blood circulation booster/betters memory/ aligns one’s body posture.

Whether done on a yoga mat or with a set of equipment, Pilates techniques tugs at and spring the internal core muscles. The core muscle areas at your abdomen and back have the greatest tendency to accumulate excess calories (which, if not aimed at properly, creates the fat tissue). When this area is proportionately pulled at via Pilates, the burning of calories occurs faster. Body strength is enhanced, and muscles are placed in alignment. Result? A good posture/better-toned body/ aligned muscles.

Next, the most important stage – is looking towards a leaner muscular mass. Since muscle burns down calories almost 5 times more than body fat, every time these muscles are pulled at – some fat tissue goes down!! Especially for those with endomorphic body formats, this workout mode is a great way to shed some pounds.

Just a note: Regular Pilates workout helps in tissue regeneration as well!

So, to answer – is Pilates good for weight loss or not, one needs to check some data –

For a person with approximately 150 pounds of weight, a beginner-level 60-minute workout session can burn up to 175 to 200 calories. This can go up to 250-300 calories per hour at a mature level. However, this will depend on one’s body weight.

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(For the back-benchers: To lose 1 Pound – 3500 calories must be burned).

What types of Pilates target your flab?


This is a combination of cardio and traditional Pilates – which aims to boost the body’s metabolism rates, thereby burning off calories faster than before. Is Pilates good for weight loss – no doubt it is, given that that extra flab can be dropped off and how.

Get your heart racing!! Well, V-press/ Criss-Cross/ Bench-press – just do it all!!

is pilates good for weight loss

Lower Belly Fat:

The worst area for fat accumulation and the full workout you must do. Put up your legs – pull them into your chest – put them up again – a triad that must be done up within 15 seconds!! Also, keep doing it up to 10 times before you decide to drop for the day.

Next, straighten your legs – put them up – pull up your head and bring to the chest – reduce the gap between head and legs – aim: to push up the abdomen area, thereby losing some unhealthy fat content.

Have you heard of Aero-Pilates?

With time the genre of Pilates has undergone a transformation. Targeting the question – is Pilates good for weight loss, a novel format: the Aero-Pilates have evolved. This works to build body flexibility and strength. Additionally, it improves the toning of the human body owing to increased cardiovascular activity.

Also referred to as Cardio Rebounder, this form of exercise helps maintain body weight, strengthens the pelvic muscles, and does not allow accumulation around the stomach area.

Aero -Pilates exercise routine is low-impact. Since this form of workout is primarily concerned with one’s body weight therefore the resistance level is lighter. Lean Muscles – Fat Loss – Healthier You: target of Aero-Pilates achieved!

is pilates good for weight loss

An independent study result has shown – a loss of body fat up to 7.5lbs and two times more capacity of internal strength with thrice a week Aero -Pilates sessions.

A workout schedule to follow 

Ready to ride the Pilates bandwagon? Well, here’s your way of answering the query – is Pilates good for weight loss?

Day 1: Zone Pilates is a great way to start. Emphasizing core muscles or ‘power house’ muscles of the body, one’s body is divided into zones. This is based on repetition exercises to bring back the firmness in one’s body and strengthen the core area. Calf stretches or Side stretch – doing it multiple times is the way.

Day 2: Aero -Pilates will give you a great start. Especially pointing to the abdomen area, this flattens down the stomach. Low impact but a great start-up workout.

Day 3: This is the day when Pilates has to be integrated with either swimming or running. A double shot will help one to achieve desired results faster.


Day 5: Another day of Pilates – just the routine workouts. Go for Plank Jacks (complete body-aim with 60-second stretch) and follow it up with Criss-Cross formats.

Day 6: How about going with Aero-Pilates and V-Cross joint form? Start with the V-technique (maximum hold on time ranges from 60 seconds to 70 seconds), and then one can go back to the usual repetition exercises.


Get back to schedule.

What if you have a regular office job?

For those who think that working in a 12/13-hour schedule job comes in the way of your weight loss program, here’s the answer –

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1. Single-Leg Stretch –

Keep the back straight while sitting on the chair. Then hold the right leg just below the knee and pull it to one’s chest. Hold up for 20 seconds before repeating.

Benefit: Builds up abdominal endurance levels and targets inner thigh fat tissues.


2. Swan Neck Roll –

Start by keeping your hands apart on the work desk. Make a 90° angle with your shoulders and elbows as your body bends to the desk. Then go for left and right neck turning – repeat mode for 15 seconds each.

is pilates good for weight loss

Benefit: Strictly helps to alleviate shoulder/neck pain and sore backs.


3. Spine Stretch Forward –

A bit careful about this – one needs to sit on the edge of the office chair and stretch legs forth with heels touching the floor. Stretch both your hands and bend your back. Hold it up for 10 seconds.

Benefit: Stretches the hamstring and spine and thus releases stiffness from the body. 

4. Desk Push-Ups –

Just normal push-ups but with the desk as your base! The desk must be fixed so the shoulders and back side are targeted.

Benefit: Have you seen those bulging fat tissues right between your hands and shoulder? This form is to target that fat as well as activate the shoulder stabilizers.

Is Pilates good for weight loss – when you are in the office? How to do that? Well, reader – in case you face such a query from your co-worker, you can surely forward this content to that person.

Treat yourself – before and after Pilates

Before pilates workout –

Going off for a workout on an empty stomach is the biggest blunder one can make. NEVER DO THAT. Filling up your stomach is not needed – but a healthy balance is a must!

For a morning session – start off with a banana or a handful of almonds/cashews (pick your nut). If you are out of both, a handful of cherries/ berries will do the needful.

In case of an afternoon session – a vegetable and fish combination or berries with yogurt combination is a good starter. If your tongue does not agree with either – pick up a lettuce wrap with 250ml of protein shake or any fibre-rich fruit juice.

Just a filler – Pilates as an exercise for weight loss does not require carbohydrates. Hence, keep it at bay. Take this meal around 30-minutes prior to workout.

After pilates workout

Post 45-minutes of Pilates workout, here are some healthy food and beverage options one can choose.

Smoothie or Protein shake – either of them is a must! Follow it up with – green salad/ egg white or an omelette/ Greek yoghurt/ lean meat/ porridge (oats/ragi).

A suggestion: Following up the meal schedule with a nutritionist is a great way.

Wrapping Up

From Indian supermodels Milind Soman and Mughda Godse to Hollywood stars such as Lady Gaga and Sandra Bullock and next YOU – Pilates is a way of life. Get to your fridge, pick up a banana and fix your schedule. If possible, combine it with some aerobic exercise. The reforming you is in the way!!

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