Who is Fraser Wilson? A complete guide about the fitness enthusiast!

Fraser Wilson

Standing in the 21st-century fitness is no longer merely a fashionable term. It has deeper connotations, especially post-Covid when it has become a part of regular life. Assisting common people to get access to the same, is Fraser Wilson, an Australia-based professional fitness trainer, and social media star. Via his fitness channel, he propagates his workout plans and diet ideas that help one to achieve their health goals.

This write-up will give out a detailed idea of Wilson, his rise to fame, what he offers via his YouTube and other streaming channels, and the key exercises he focuses on. Let’s start –

Why is Fraser Wilson so famous?

He is famous courtesy of his range of fitness videos which he has uploaded on his YouTube channels. Also, he has a website, https://www.fraserwilsonfitness.com/ to his name where he uploads not just videos of the exercises but also diet plans and charts that are specially curated to suit your fitness needs.

Fraser Wilson

In recent times, his videos which have easy exercises which anyone can follow have gained immense popularity globally. Check his YouTube channel – Fraser WilsonFit and you will find it has 1.91 million subscribers. Also, he has 424K followers on Facebook. With every passing day, his popularity shows no sign of fading!

How did he gain such prominence?

With a range of fitness enthusiasts and social media stars trying to make a mark in the industry, it remains a crucial question as to how he has gained prominence. The key to this is – his fitness techniques compared to his contemporaries are easy to follow, suitable for every age and body, and come packed with a categorical diet plan that makes the fitness strategy effective.

Whether his famed 10-Minute Morning Workout or 10-Minute Home Ab Workout, check the videos and you will see how compared to any other trainer, his techniques are better and more suited to match the demands of one and all!

Fraser Wilson has also garnered immense popularity through his endorsements and his own website. It provides customized plans diet plans from general to category-specific (vegan, dairy-free, pescatarian, ketogenic, and gluten-free to name a few)! Also, when you browse through his website, you will find workout programs and transformation programs that will help you attain the desired health goal you prefer.

What are his key fitness strategies?

Fraser Wilson categorically gives fitness strategies that are free-hand and can be practiced both indoors and outside. Here are some of the most-opted exercises you can check out –

For starters, you must know that his workout techniques concentrate on singular muscle groups to increase size and strength. Additionally, his strategies are curated to ensure after the usual working out, muscles get time for recovery and growth.

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1. Chest Exercise

Mostly his exercises come in a 3-set format wherein the repetitions are either up to 10 times or 12 times alternatively. At a maximum, his repetitions can level up to failure time.

The concerned exercises are – Dumbbell/ Barbell/ Smith Machine Bench Press, Pushups, and Cable Crossovers.

2. Arm Workout

The primary exercises that will help you have toned arms, as per suggestions by Fraser Wilson include – Preacher/ Barbell/ Dumbbell Curls, Tricep Pushdown, Cable Tricep Extension, Dips, and Skullcrushers.

3. Back Workout

In this set of backside workouts – you start with two cable pulldowns – Wide Grip and Straight Bar. Apart from that the options available are – T-Bar Row, Bodyweight Pullup, Single Arm Cable Row, and Rack Pulls.

Fraser Wilson

4. Leg Workout

Fraser Wilson provides a range of workout styles here – from Leg Extension to Goblet Squats, Calf Raises both the Donkey and Standing types. Then there are – Lunges, Cable Pulls, Leg Presses, and Hamstring Curls to name a few.

5. Shoulder Workout

One of the toughest areas for working out, here are some of the fitness strategies you may surely try out – Overhead Presses of both the Smith Machine and Seated Dumbbell types. Next in line comes – Reverse Deck Machine, Dumbbell Front and Lateral Raise, and Face Pulls.

Now that you have noted the exercises you may follow to gain a better physique, let’s concentrate on the nutrition factor, wherein maintaining a balance is of crucial importance.

What are the diet strategies he offers?

Fraser Wilson offers a range of customized diet plans to fit each body type or fitness goal. However, he does have a singular plan of healthy eating that fits every physical standard. Here it is –

DAY 1 

Breakfast – Whole eggs (3), Kale juice (as per preferred quantity), Basmati rice (250gm).

Mid-Day Snack – Whey protein shake (1 cup), almond milk mixed with berries (200 grams in 1 cup milk – standard 250 ml measurement).

Lunch –  In vegetables, you can have a combination of peanut butter, sweet potato, and spinach, while in the non-vegetarian category opt for chicken breast (100 grams).

Evening Snack – Kale juice and Red Lentil Pasta (100 grams).

Dinner –  Tuna salad with coleslaw, spinach, and avocado combination.

DAY 2 

Breakfast –  Egg whites (1 cup) and chicken breast (100 grams) with a sprinkling of asparagus, tomato, and onion.

Mid-Day Snack –  Puffed rice cereal (100 grams) with almond milk and whey protein combination (1 cup).

Lunch –  Oats (100 grams), Rice cakes (4), a combination of blueberries with a sprinkling of cinnamon (150 grams).

Evening Snack –  You can pick any of your choicest fruit juice. Fraser Wilson himself is a fan of pomegranate juice.

Dinner – A combination of white fish and brown rice (100 grams each) with Salad.

DAY 3 

Breakfast –  Whole eggs and bananas (2 of each), cocoa puffs (30 grams) combined with blueberries (150 grams), oats (100 grams)

Mid-Day Snack –  Greek yogurt (250 grams) and rice cake with peanut butter spread.

Lunch –  Sourdough bread (3 slices) backed up by avocado (50 grams) and smoked salmon (100 grams).

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Evening Snack –  Repeat the chicken breast (100 grams) and sweet potato with a peanut butter combination.

Dinner –  Tuna (150 grams) with Pasta (red lentils are the best one, though you may try something different, but not with a high cheese content).

Fraser Wilson

DAY 4 

Breakfast –  Whole egg (2) followed by 50 grams of oats and 150 grams of blueberries. You could add a whey protein shake (1 cup).

Mid-Day Snack –  Here you could make yourself a combination meal that will include – 250 grams of blueberries, rice puffs (30 grams), a tablespoon of honey, 250 grams of banana, and water.

Lunch –   Follow the usual chicken breast (100 grams) with sweet potato and peanut butter combination.

Evening Snack –  Wilson suggests you skip it. But if not, you could have a glass of fruit juice or lime water minus sugar.

Dinner –  Tuna (150 grams), chicken breast (100 grams) and white rice (100 grams), salad with avocado.

When you check out this diet list critically, you will realize how it provides balanced nutrition, without consistently filling you up. That is one of the key factors in his diet plan.

Also Fraser Wilson categorically states that – for the rest of the days, you may repeat or rearrange this diet chart as per your convenience. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above, you can replace it with an alternative as per choice, but of the same calorie content.

What is his net worth?

From multiple sources, we could bring forth the news that the net worth of Fraser Wilson is $3 million. Apart from his website, app, and YouTube videos, Wilson also endorses certain products which enhance his income.

His annual income is supposed to be $800,000. As far as his endorsement is concerned, he represents GymShark (British apparel and accessories brand). No further details about his assets are given. He is seen endorsing EHPlabs as well. Though he does endorse other brands details of the same are not given.

Who are his family members?

There has been no categorical information about the same. The little that we know is – his father is a businessman and his mother, is a homemaker. He has no siblings.

What is his relationship status?

As of now, he is single. Fraser Wilson does not prefer his personal life to be in the limelight and therefore has not provided any further information on this matter.

Does he participate in any endorsement?

Endorsing for GymShark and EHPlabs are the two endorsements we are aware of. He or his collaborators have not revealed further details about his endorsements. However, adverts and endorsement deals are an important part of his net wealth.

Do you wish to follow him?

Fraser Wilson is one of the topmost fitness enthusiasts among the current breed of enthusiasts. The workouts and techniques showed by him are extremely easy to follow. Therefore, it is advisable you follow his channel and website to get clarity regarding the techniques, especially if you wish to change your physique at home minus any ‘specific gym routine.’ Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel and keep following this website for more.


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