7 Promising Jobs For People With ADHD!

job hunting for adhd people

The world economy is currently grappling with massive unemployment rates. Mass layoffs have been a regular affair. From big-tech giants to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is busy cutting costs. Keeping that into account, apart from the regular workforce, it is people who are specially-challenged who face the major brunt of it. A prominent research states 30% of individuals suffering from ADHD will face chronic unemployment issues in the upcoming times. So, are there any safe jobs for people with ADHD? We’ll try looking into the details. 

This post will give you an insight into the jobs that people with such physical and mental challenges are fit for. These jobs assuredly give them creative freedom and help them find their passions in the long run. 

A quick understanding of ADHD

For those who are a little less aware, ADHD is the acronym for – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a medical condition wherein people suffering have differences in brain development. Therefore, they have minimal attention span and are hyperactive, leading them to behave impulsively. 

Generally speaking, getting a job for such individuals can be a challenging task. However, there are a couple of responsibilities that they can handle quite well. 

What are the best jobs for people with ADHD? 

Here are some of the jobs that are best suited for people suffering from ADHD – 

Job 1 – Teacher 

jobs for people with ADHD
Image Credit: Global Partnership For Education

The first and the best-suited job for an ADHD-affected individual is that of a teacher. This job requires a high-paced and intense scenario, especially with kids in tow, and leaves no room for boredom. There have been multiple cases wherein ADHD-affected individuals harness their student’s interests in specific subjects. This has only upheld and upgraded the overall scenario and detached itself from being monotonous. 

Job 2 – Police officer 

police officer job for adhd people
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By nature, ADHD individuals make for hyperactive individuals with high energy levels. The job of a police officer is to remain vigilant in dynamic situations. Keeping that in account, this job entails the workers leveraging their ‘so-called weakness’ into strength and working towards bettering the lives of those in need. 

As mentioned before, people with ADHD require motivation in their jobs. This job profile, ensuring that the individuals work in highly intense and structured situations, gives the medically affected individuals just the boost that they need. Therefore, a police officer’s position makes for one of the most sought-after jobs for people with ADHD.

Job 3 – Artist 

artist job for adhd patients
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There’s nothing as exciting as being an artist for an ADHD-affected individual. They are passionate and creative, and by taking up this job, they can not only express themselves but also professionally secure their future. They thrive in creative chaos, and this challenging environment, quite surprisingly, brings out the best in them. They can make way for proper jobs as artists for different organizations (book designers, creative heads, website designers, and independent painters).

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For the unversed, the South Korean series – Its Okay To Not Be Okay gives a fantastic glimpse of how one of the primary characters, who has symptoms of ADHD is an outstanding book designer. Clearly, it is time to consider this profession quite seriously for an individual suffering from this medical condition.  

Job 4 – Entrepreneur 

entrepreneurship adhd job
Image Credit: HubSpot Blog

What’s more enticing than coupling out a range of ideas and getting a chance to actualize those? That is an outline of the job profile of an entrepreneur and is assuredly one of the key jobs for people with ADHD. There has been more than a single instance of highly accomplished entrepreneurs being diagnosed with ADHD – Richard Branson and Walt Disney being the supreme examples. 

With their remarkable creativity, innovative thinking, and genuine curiosity, they make for great creators. The ADHD traits in them make for their strengths, and their inventive approach helps solve problems. 

Job 5 – Daycare worker 

daycare worker job for adhd patient
Image Credit: Procare Software

Do you know that ADHD-affected individuals can become excellent caregivers? One of the most-held jobs for people with ADHD is that of a daycare worker. These individuals have faced several emotional and social challenges. This, therefore, empowers them to be caring individuals who understand the needs of the kids (both general and specially-abled). 

This job entails the employees being constantly around the kids – playing with them, cleaning after them, and organizing multiple game activities. 

Job 6 – Software Developer 

software developer jobs for people with adhd
Image Credit: Berkeley Boot Camps

Keeping their enthusiasm for creativity high, an ADHD-affected individual can be a great software developer (or any other developer per se). It is common knowledge that people with ADHD are constantly looking for ideas to work on and taking those ideas to the last spot. Having said that, this job of a software developer will keep them engaged, with chances of minimal distraction. Hence, compared to their peers, they will be able to perform better and be more creative. 

Job 7 – Social Worker 

social worker job for adhd people
Image Credit: Forbes

The last of the jobs for people with ADHD includes the profile of a social worker. By nature, individuals suffering from underlying ADHD issues have empathy. This is the biggest quality required in a social worker. Apart from that, this job profile is structured in nature and follows a specified pattern. 

Also, the time is fixed for the job, and one has to report to one’s superior. 

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Given all the conditions mentioned above, an ADHD individual will be given reporting timelines, and keeping true to the structure; they will be able to execute their job. Additionally, this is an emotionally rewarding job, ensuring that the individuals have the consistent zeal to perform at work. 

These are some of the best available jobs for people with ADHD that have garnered massive popularity in recent times. 

What to remember before choosing a job? 

jobs for people with ADHD people
Image Credit: APM

Assuming you have been reading this blog post well, you have gained a fair idea of the types of jobs for people with ADHD. If you notice keenly, you will see for yourself that all these jobs are extremely passion-fueled and highly structured. On top of that, they are creative and intense. 

For the unversed, these features are crucial when looking for jobs for people with this condition. These aspects keep their brain engaged consistently, thereby ensuring that they perform nothing short of the best of their abilities. 

Here are some of the crucial factors you must keep in mind before suggesting a job or two for such specially-challenged individuals – 

Factor 1 – Look for a job that captures their complete attention. The chances for distraction must be minimal, almost next to none. 

Factor 2 – What are the negative thoughts that are constantly coming back? How will the person deal with it, especially when it is related to their profession? 

Factor 3 – Suggest them a job that would require time management. Since they constantly face problems regarding this, they must have supervisors who will assist them. A little assistance goes a long way for them. 

Factor 4 – The concerned job must be a highly rewarding one. The dopamine levels in an ADHD-affected individual are often low. This results in their distraction and poor performance levels. Hence, the opportunities must be rewarding enough. 

With these 4 factors in mind, you can suggest better jobs to people with ADHD. 

Conclusive thoughts 

In this competitive professional domain, it is quite difficult for differently-abled employees to cope. However, there are specific jobs for people with ADHD in which they can excel like none other. These jobs, like that of a teacher, entrepreneur, artist, or social worker, are highly structured and require immense passion – both of which ADHD individuals are blessed with. Without a doubt, if put correctly in a field, these individuals will excel. 

We hope you will be cautious while dealing with such individuals in the future. Also, if you liked this post and want to know more about such topics, keep watching this space. 


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