Know The 7 Signs That A Man Has Not Been Sexually Active And More!

signs to know that a man has been sexually inactive

For starters – there’s nothing to judge. There can be multiple reasons why the man may not have been sexually active for quite some time now. Maybe some infection, or heartbreak, or even lack of sexual drive due to excessive stress. So, what are the signs that a man has not been sexually active, and if you are dealing with such a man, how must you proceed? As we slide down this article, let’s gather some sensitivity and try figuring out a couple of respite remedies for the same.

Here’s getting to know a little more about the ‘physically stronger’ gender’s sexual priorities –

Physical signs that a man has not been sexually active

He’s horny; he’s wanting it fast and definitely desperate for it. These are some of the physical hints that the man has not been laid for quite some time now. Let’s try exploring some more signs –

 1. He is set to come up at any moment

signs he is sexually inactive
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This is another of the critical factors to note about a man who has been sexually inactive for a length of time. They do become desperate, even going to the levels of ‘checking out women in a weird way’ constantly. There are times wherein – he would get aggressive even during the foreplay and may continue the same, in verbal as well as non-verbal methods.

Medical research on the same has shown men displaying behaviours, in such cases, that do not even come within the traditional purview – such as exploring multiple partners or even indulging in sex toys.

 2. He can get super clingy

super clingy man
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Getting unwarrantedly clingy to his woman is another sign that the man has been sexually inactive for a long time. Though alternatively, it could also mean that he wants more of it – however, generally, it is taken as a sign of sexual inactivity. His hugs are longer, he wants to kiss you more frequently, and that too roughly, and his hands are all over your body.

In fact, this act of his could actually disrupt your relationship, with him constantly nudging you, getting upset over plans that do not involve him, as well as him not letting you out of sight. If things are going south, you do need to talk it out with him.

 3. Chances of him having orgasm immediately

man is sexually inactive
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A man who has been sexually inactive would get his orgasm comparatively faster than a person who has been having sex consistently. In more than a single scenario, it has happened that – a man who ‘technically’ has been sexually inactive and has relied on masturbation solely for a longer period will get his orgasm earlier, and for him, the activity will be over in minutes.

 4. He might get too exasperated

sexually inactive man
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One of the clearest signs that a man has not been sexually active is – his way of touching you, as well as the reactions that he comes up with on him touching you. More than often, you will find him wanting for more, almost like a rush – when you are kissing him. The kiss would be a rather hard and rushed one instead of a lingering one that is normally expected from the other gender.

Also, you will notice a certain sense of urgency in him when he is touching you. It would be more of an ‘indication’ of him wanting it now, whatever the scenario.

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 5. He unleashes his beastly side in bed

signs that a man is sexually inactive
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This is one of the most common ‘side effects’ of not having sex for a long time. If the man has not laid for a long time, he might just not be able to hold himself back anymore in his bedroom. Rather than a cool and calm foreplay, giving rise to complete sexual penetration, he would turn on the beast in him and devour you completely.

So, rather than proper foreplay giving way to intercourse, you might have an exasperated beast who rushes through the love-making process in almost a ‘fast and furious’ manner.

 6. A weird palate of sexual fantasies

signs of a sexually inactive man 1
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You may pick this as another of the signs that a man has not been sexually active. There’s nothing to judge about a man who has his set of sexual preferences. However, a man who has not been sexually active for a long time and mostly relied on pornographic videos does have a tendency to have a weird palate of sexual fantasies. At times, this could border beyond what is considered ‘normal.’ He might get turned on by sex scenes, or even the most ‘casual’ of touches may leave him wet.

Again, what is required in this case, like all others, is having an open discussion about priorities and maintaining of boundaries.

Mental signs that a man has not been sexually active

low self esteem in a man due to lack of sex
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There are a couple of mental issues as well that a sexually inactive man may have to deal with. For starters – depression and anxiety are the primary mental conditions that you will have to deal with. As you know already that sex releases ‘happy hormones’ that is – endorphins, which have a key role to play in balancing a person’s mood.

Hence, not having sex for a long time could result in frustration, high blood pressure, restlessness, low self-esteem, and quite highly stressed.

So, if you see a man having such issues, these could be signs that a man has not been sexually active.

Again, chances are there that other issues are also involved, but a healthy sexual life is more of a physical and emotional necessity, albeit – even a medical necessity. The next section will outline the same for you.

Does it cause any health issues?

weak immunity due to lack of sex
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You would be quite surprised to know that – regular sex is not just a pleasurable activity but also has associated health benefits. Regular sex is related to mood enhancements, better cardiovascular health, and improved overall mental health.

If someone has not been sexually active, then that person may be detected with –

  • Decrease in muscle mass 

Men who have remained sexually inactive for a long time face a decrease in muscle mass. This, on the whole, can lead to multiple health problems.

  • Weak immune system

Are you wondering how a weak immune system could give you signs that a man has not been sexually active? Here’s giving you the details – a man who has not had sex for a long time can supposedly suffer from high blood pressure, a weak immunity system with a comparatively higher infection rate.

  • Prostrate cancer 

According to certain research materials, regular sexual activity does save one from prostate cancer in the future. Men who ejaculate more, either through sexual activity or even by masturbating – are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer vis-a-vis a sexually active man.

Though these medical conditions are not the sole result of decreased sexual activity and have a host of other underlying medical issues – but, they may be counted as one of the many reasons.

Common misconceptions about sexual inactivity

misconceptions about male sexual inactivity
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There are certain misconceptions that are associated with a male’s sexual inactivity. In fact, every time someone finds out signs that a man has not been sexually active – there are a host of judgments.

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It perhaps is not the first time that a man who perhaps has not been on the lookout has been termed as ‘abnormal.’ It is a general perception that men are always driven, and for those who are not – they can be stigmatized.

Another misconception that people have about ‘sexually inactive’ men is that – for most, sex implies categorically ‘penetrative intercourse.’ However, there are other forms, such as oral sex or even manual and mental stimulation. If a man has partaken in those, he cannot be considered as remaining sexually inactive for a long time.

FAQs you must note

Here are some queries that you may have –

  1. What are the signs that a man has not been sexually active but still has sexual desires? 

Sexual desire is a feeling that functions independently of sexual activity. So, even if a person has not been active sexually due to multiple factors – the desire does not change.

  2. Does a man’s mood change according to his sexual activity? 

For the uninformed, a man’s mood is related categorically to his sexual activity. It is common knowledge that sexual activity releases endorphins which uplift one’s moods. Hence, a lack of it can change your mood as well.

  3. Is erectile dysfunction common in sexually active males? 

Erectile dysfunction is caused by underlying issues in one’s sexual health. Therefore – even if someone is sexually active, that person may have erectile dysfunction.

  4. How is physical activity related to the sexual health of a man? 

It has been found in more than a single case that men who are sexually active are more physically fit than those who have been inactive for a long time. In fact, a lack of physical activity may decrease the sex drive in a person, leading to a period of sexual inactivity.

How to address and deal with it?

have a conversation with a man
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Assuming that you have been with us all this while and have clarity about the signs that a man has not been sexually active – it is crucial to refute certain misconceptions associated with the same.

If he is your would-be-partner or someone with whom you are looking for a long-term connection, in that case –

  • It would help if you had an open and honest conversation with him. As an understanding would-be-partner, you need to create a non-judgemental scenario for him to be able to convey better.
  • The next important thing that you need to concentrate on is – sharing your views with him. Talk to him about your desires and expectations from the relationship. Try comprehending each other’s viewpoints and look out for potential solutions.
  • Lastly, seeking professional help is the best way out. When you are done talking and yet not in a position to completely rely on each other, it is best to seek the services of a clinical psychologist.

If he is a friend who has opened up to you –

  • You can connect him with a sex therapist or a healthcare professional who will guide him through. Talking it out with a professional can help in dealing with this better. Also, after completing his counselling session, he can actually get back to a better sexual life.

Final words

A crucial factor to concentrate on noting signs that a man has not been sexually active is initiating an unbiased conversation. It can provide some invaluable insights into the person’s growing up years, reasons for retracting, and, if at all, also into his physical health. All of this would cumulate in the man having a better outlook regarding this inactivity and not allowing it to become a standard for his lack of masculinity. Also, it would expand the horizons for them to delve deeper into their psyche.

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