Top 6 Non-Rafting Water Sports You Should Try Today


With the heat brought by the summer season, you need something fun and engaging to keep you cool during the entire time. This is where non-rafting water sports come in. These sports not only make you fresh and cool, but also help you burn some calories while having fun. Keep reading to learn more about the top six non-rafting water sports worth trying.


Wakeboarding is a classic water sport in which the rider, standing on a shortboard, is towed along by a motorboat to perform aerial maneuvers. The water sport involves a combination of snowboarding, water skiing, and surfing techniques.

To have a seamless wakeboarding experience, get yourself a head-turning, stylish, and classic wakeboarding tower from Aerial Wakeboarding. You will get a kit that fits nearly all inboard boats with an A+ accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Using a wakeboard tower gives you the freedom to do more flips, jumps, and tricks as it has a higher tow point. It also serves as a support beam that you can hold while maneuvering around the boat or getting on your wakeboard.


Fly high with a thrilling and fun flyboarding experience. The relatively new water sport uses high-powered propulsion to make you soar high above the water, hitting a height of up to 80-feet while controlling your water-propelled flight.

Before starting, you attach yourself to a flyboard with a hose connecting to a jet ski, which powers it and generates propulsion through the board. There is a pair of boats on the board, which you need to wear while flying over the water. It can take less than 10 minutes to learn and master the flyboarding basics, and an average person can comfortably do it without prior experience or training.

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Scuba Diving

Diving to the bottom of an ocean is a perfect way to get personal with marine life. As marine experts often say, each experience is exceptional and provides an opportunity to explore the ocean fully. With scuba diving, you need a few training lessons with a certified instructor to master the basics, such as hand signals, breathing, and dive limits. That way, you won’t flounder and panic while underwater.

Jet Skiing

A jet ski operates like a water scooter. It has a few controls, such as ignition and accelerator, and you need to lean on a particular side of the jet ski to switch direction. You can enjoy jet skiing throughout the year, particularly when feeling the sun’s warmth. It is a fun water sports activity for whole families as the kids ride alongside adults. Jet skiing allows you to ride the waves as the sea sprays on your face and the wind blows through your hair while regulating your speed and direction. 


Parasailing is a unique water sport that allows you to fly above the water like a bird of paradise without experiencing discomfort in your tummy that results from roller coasters. When parasailing, a motorboat tows you as you steadily rise from the ground into the sky with a parachute-like apparatus. The water sport is relaxing as you get a bird’s eye view of every marine life beneath.


The hydrofoil board is here to help you enhance your surfing skills. It has a foil attached at its bottom that uses the kinetic energy of waves to lift out water. The water sport gives you a flying experience at a higher speed. Other than surfing, hydrofoil boards come in handy in wakeboarding and windsurfing. Ideally, it would be best to get some experience in surfing before hydrofoiling.

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Water sports are fun and exhilarating, especially if exploring new places. Whether you are a beginner or a thrill-seeker, you will always find an activity best suited for you. 



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