Healthy coffee creamer alternatives- Best Options to Choose From

Healthy coffee creamer alternatives

Coffee is a universally popular beverage, regardless of the season. When we get home from a quite stressful day, all we want is a cup of bliss to relax with, and for most people, that cup is coffee. And then, in that cup, we add coffee creamer to make the taste of our coffee more delicious. 

However, are you aware of how unhealthy coffee cream is? Because of the high levels of sugar and fat that it has, consuming it can contribute to poor health. In addition to this, it does not include any of the vitamins or minerals that are essential to maintain our health. 

Do we find it difficult to resist the urge to add cream to our favourite coffee? So here are some more beneficial and healthy coffee creamer alternatives as compared to ready-made coffee creamer

1. Coconut milk coffee cream

So, the first option is Coconut coffee cream, which is very beneficial in terms of health and is also very rich in flavour. And everyone already loves coconut so why not add it to our coffee and make it tastier? 

So making coconut cream is very easy, we just need some crushed coconut or coconut in liquid form, some water, some condensed milk, little sugar for sweetness and our favourite flavour essence if we want and mix all the ingredients well. So for the flavouring, we can also add one tablespoon of coffee. Mix until it converts into a paste and then store in a fridge and make it cool. Now our coconut cream is ready to use.

Healthy coffee creamer alternatives

2. Almond milk coffee cream

Almond milk coffee creamer is one of the most healthy coffee creamer alternatives as compared with other coffee creams. And if we are almond lovers, then we should surely try this cream. This cream is very easy to make; we just need pure milk, crushed almonds and our favourite flavour essence. Mix all these items together well, and now our almond milk coffee cream is prepared.

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3. Rice milk coffee cream

This is one of the infamous coffee creams. And in order to make it, we will need one cup of rice and a cup multiplied by eight cups of water. Bring it to a boil and cook until it becomes a soup form. Then, depending on our preferences, add half a tablespoon of salt, half a tablespoon of oil, and honey to the mixture.

After that, take that mixture of rice and, using a blender, mix it thoroughly till the butter is completely melted and creamy. Continue doing this until our cream is completely smooth, which may take a while. The butter should then be extracted after the water has been extracted with the help of a cloth or a gallon container. The cream should then be stored in an appropriate container. Now, our rice milk coffee cream is ready to use.

4. Cashew milk coffee creamer

When we see “cashew,” it brings out more of the meaning, and it makes it obvious that this is one of the healthiest creams options. It sweetens the flavour of the coffee with its elegant and creamy texture.

To make this cream, we will need one tablespoon of milk, a little bit of sugar, the essence of our favourite flavour if we want it, and cashews that have been soaked. For soaked cashews, put the cashews in water for six to seven hours. Now put all the ingredients that we just grated up into the bottle or container after grinding all of the components together until they are thoroughly combined. Now, our cashew milk coffee cream is ready to add to the hot coffee.

5. Soymilk coffee creamer

This is one of the best alternatives to coffee creamer. To prepare this, we will need one cup of soy milk, essence of your choosing, honey for flavour, and xanthan gum for the consistency of the cream. Actually, Soy milk is the same colour as regular milk, but it is made by boiling ground soybeans with a mixture of proteins, natural oils, and water. After that, put the soy milk, xanthan gum, and a little sugar into a blender and blend until the cream got smooth and after that add honey to the prepared cream. Next, store the mixture in the refrigerator to ensure that the flavour remains unadulterated, and last, stir the cream into your coffee and enjoy the beverage.

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Healthy coffee creamer alternatives

6. Vanilla coffee creamer

Vanilla coffee creamer is one of the best options if we talk about healthy coffee creamer alternatives. So, vanilla coffee creamer has a very dense and consistent texture.

In order to prepare this, we will need either condensed milk or pure cream, as well as vanilla essence or vanilla extract. Using either a frother or a spoon and mixing it by hand, thoroughly combine the vanilla extract with the sweetened condensed milk. When we observe foam, we will put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. After that, we can make use of this homemade vanilla coffee cream. The use of vanilla coffee cream does not result in any adverse effects.

7. Classic coffee creamer

This is one of the basic coffee creams; for this, we need two tablespoons of sugar, half a tablespoon of coffee, and a little water. Then mix it with a spoon or grind the ingredient in the mixer. Continue this process until it produces a foam-type cream. And in this way, our tasty classic coffee cream is ready. Pour the cream above the hot milk, and now our coffee is ready to drink.

So these are some of the healthy coffee creamer alternatives. So add these creams to your coffee and make your cup more healthy and delicious.

Yes, it is very hard to change the taste, but using the wrong food item, even if we know it is bad for us, won’t help our healthy lifestyle. So, it’s time to break our bad habits by avoiding unhealthy readymade coffee creams and try one of the above healthy coffee creamer alternatives to make our life healthier. And we can also store these creams and use them later whenever we want.

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