How Important Is Yoga Against Battles With Addiction?

Yoga is an integral part of millions of people’s routine these days and for all manner of reasons. For some, it’s simply exercise and strength building, for others it’s the most important aspect of a morning, creating a clear headspace to attack the day and be as productive as possible at work.

However, it’s also incredibly important for those suffering from various health conditions, including addiction. The likes of alcoholism is on the rise and as well as more and more people suffering, more and more are turning to treatment to get the help they need, particularly following the destruction the pandemic caused.

Rehab centres have provided patients with the resources they need to succeed in recovery for many years now, and a big part of that is often yoga. But why?

It reduces stress

First and foremost, we all know the power yoga has to reduce stress and with stress being not only one of the main influences when it comes to becoming addicted in the first place, as well as one of the biggest factors in people relapsing, it can be so important in remaining on track.

Whether it be half an hour in the mornings, or practicing at lunch times, or even in the evening after a long day at work, they can all help in limiting stress levels and avoiding returning to the bottle.

You’ll become more disciplined

By having a routine, and by having specific structure to yoga sessions, it will instill discipline, just as other forms of exercise such as running or boxing does. Increasing levels of discipline can be hugely valuable in avoiding temptation and controlling our minds.

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Yoga is exactly that, controlling the mind and body and that has a knock-on effect to our everyday life, allowing us to let go of fears and allowing success to happen much more easily, whether it be in work, relationships, and battling addiction.

You’ll be at peace with what’s gone before

Yoga can provide a spiritual awakening that allows you to let go. For many, addiction has crept into their lives because of stress, trauma and even as a result of specific individuals. It can create a resentment that isn’t productive and can often lead to relapse.

Yoga students are taught seven spiritual laws that will help find inner peace, love and compassion not only for themselves, but for others too, allowing to make things of the past, things of the past and look ahead to a brighter future.

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