Diet: It’s A Dirty Word

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Diet. It’s a horrible word, isn’t it? It immediately makes you want to run to the nearest fast food joint and grab the greasiest burger you can find, just so you can stick your fingers up at the word. It’s not a word people like to use, so they call it a ‘lifestyle change’ instead. Everyone will tell you that considering a diet – ahem, lifestyle change – is a great idea. And why not? Changing the way that you eat can not only make you feel great and more energised, it can help you lose weight and fit better in those clothes you’ve had hidden at the back of the wardrobe since childbirth.

You always know when you get older, because your body begins to complain to you – a lot. A diet – sorry, lifestyle change – can help you to age a little more gracefully. The thing is, there’s a lot of things people don’t tell you about diets. They don’t tell you that dropping those fifty pounds won’t make you as happy as you think. They don’t tell you that you can stop visiting because despite all the fibre, you still get the runs on a timely basis! They don’t tell you it’s not a magic cure for all the ills of your life. They don’t tell you that your knees may still creak sometimes. Changing your lifestyle only works if you change your mindset. It only works if you don’t revert to your old habits, and we all know how easy that is to do. Pizza just tastes too good, sometimes.

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When you choose to change your eating habits, you are choosing to change your taste buds. Did you know that? Most people don’t. All those pizza nights in front of the movies and candy bars with the kids have made you pack on the pounds over the years, as well as desensitize your taste buds. When you lose weight and consciously change your eating habits, your taste buds reset. Saltier foods won’t taste as nice, and you may actually crave broccoli WITHOUT the cheesy drizzle. This isn’t the only change that people don’t tell you about.

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Your relationships will also change. Being the jolly fat person your whole life attracts the type of friends that in some cases, aren’t genuine friends. So, losing the weight makes you more confident and chases off those people who were only with you to feel good about themselves. It can take a while to adjust to your new way of thinking and eating, and mindful eating is just as difficult as eating junk. It means you change as a whole person and not just what is on your plate. These changes can make dieting much harder than you envisioned. Losing relationships, not wanting salty foods and generally having life changes can be difficult to adjust to.

A lot of these changes are kept hidden when you embark on a lifestyle change. But if you want to embrace a new way of life, don’t listen to these changes. Do them anyway and enjoy it while you do!

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