Health benefits of almond

In this ultra-modern and ultra-busy 21st century, keeping oneself healthy has become one of the most important things that can enable you to stay ahead of the curve. That is why a healthy diet chart has become the only important list to follow in our daily busy life schedule. Now the important question lies in the matter of what to add in your diet chart and what to eliminate from it.

Years of researches have pursued it. There are many controversies in selecting the item to add in your diet chart. The trick is to observe whether a judicious amount of every essential nutrient is reaching your body or not daily. In this matter, we will talk about a type of nut that provides you with a wide spectrum of benefits that you cannot even think of.

Almond is the particular type of nut we are talking about. Consumption of a handful amount of almonds can give you those extra boosters that will be very hard to find through any other types of dietary foods. So without further ado let’s dive into those specific beneficial properties of almonds.

Almonds satisfy your dietary demand:

First of all, you need to know what a proper diet chart demands. It is a no brainer that every diet chart will advise you to stay away from carbs. If you are consuming fat then that fat better be healthy fat. And of course, your diet chart should be packed with the necessary amount of protein that your body requires.

Surprisingly almonds satisfy all these demands. Almonds are rich in healthy fatty acids. Also almond is low in carbs and above all almonds are rich with protein. So eating a handful of almonds daily can miraculously achieve your dietary demands.

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Almonds are loaded with anti-oxidants:

We surely do not need to explain what benefits we can achieve from anti-oxidants. First of all, anti-oxidants help us by providing the necessary energy to fight our exhausting daily schedule. Next, our stressful life causes anxiety and tension. This oxidative type of stress damages our cells, accelerates our ageing process and above all induces cancer. So, consuming a handful of almonds wards off all these nasty possibilities from happening.

Almonds help in digestion:

Along with stress and tension, our unhealthy lifestyle interferes with our digestion system. Studies have shown that almonds are rich in fibres. So, almonds help in preventing constipation. Almonds also induce the good bacteria in your liver. It also helps your food to digest properly and ward off any possibilities of digestion problems.

Healthy skin:

Skin essentially reflects our health. Skin is like the mirror of our inner health. If your skin is dry and flaky then you can apply cream or oil or lotions that are rich in almonds. Also, almonds are rich in vitamin A and E. so if you give your body those essential vitamins through consumption of almond then it can provide you with the gift of glowing skin.

Shiny hair:

It goes the same for the hair also. If your hair is damaged, dry and brittle then use hair products that are rich in almond oil. As almonds have healthy fatty acids they can work miraculously on your hair. Your hair will shiny, healthy and stronger. Those healthy fatty acids will be absorbed by your hair which in turn will help you in keeping the healthy texture of your hair.

Almonds mean healthy heart:

People are dying in heart disease all over the world in every 18 seconds. So consumption of a handful of almonds can effectively boost the health of your heart. How? First of all, as we have mentioned earlier, almonds are rich in E. studies have shown that vitamin E induces the healthy functioning of the heart.

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Almonds help in lowering the blood pressure:

Apart from that, if you are suffering from high blood pressure then studies have also shown that almonds effectively lower the blood pressure and normalize the flow of blood in arteries. The substance responsible for lowering the blood pressure is magnesium as almonds are rich in magnesium.

Almonds fight with type-2 diabetes:

People who are suffering from type-2 diabetes have high blood sugar and their blood stops producing insulin. As almonds provide you with 20% of daily intake of magnesium it makes your blood less insulin resistant. So it is a no brainer that daily eating of almonds can ward off the possibility of falling in the grasp of type-2 diabetes.

Almonds boost your immunity system:

A healthy diet is so important to build a healthy immune system. Now your immunity system almost entirely depends upon the balance of healthy bacteria living in your body.

If you consume food that upsets that balance of healthy bacteria living in your body then your immune system will break. As we have mentioned earlier, almonds help in populating healthy bacteria in your body which in turn strengthens your immune system. So, you can easily eliminate the possibility of common cough and cold.

Eating almonds keep you full:

Again we have mentioned that almonds are rich in protein and fibre. While protein and fibre provide other benefits to your body, they can also keep you satiated and full. So it reduces your craving. So you are less hungry.

That means the intake of carb decreases. That means there is a deficiency of calories in your body which accelerates the fat burn. So, the daily consumption of a handful of almonds can help a lot if you are in a fat-burning or weight-reducing diet.

Almonds mean healthy teeth and bones:

As we age our bones and teeth get weaker because of the decomposition of calcium. Apart from that our body also fails to absorb calcium properly as we age. Now as almonds are rich in calcium and phosphorous, studies have shown that regular consumption of almonds can effectively make your bones and teeth stronger and dense.

So guys! What are you waiting for? If you want to get those above-mentioned wide ranges of benefits then add almonds in your diet chart right now.

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