Aches face reveal is trending! Has he unveiled his face?

Aches face reveal

Recently there has been an uproar over social media about Aches face reveal. There has been no confirmation of the same. But the information received from multiple domains has yet to confirm any such detail. For the unversed – Aches, christened Patrik Price is a professional esports player who is categorically recognized for playing Call Of Duty. He is among the five players who have won more than two global championships. His most impressive win was the Call Of Duty Championship in 2014.

This write-up will reflect on details about his identity revelation, his major tiff with his nemesis, and the path he undertook to reach the success level he has today.

What is this controversy about Aches face reveal?

Aches, the famous YouTuber and Esports player has received multiple requests to reveal his face. One of the premier players of Call Of Duty, he has won championships and has a net worth amounting to $5 million. Though there have been multiple conjectures about his gender, the information we have gathered from sources states him to be a male who plays under the pseudonyms of females.

Those regular in the games domain would know he uses monikers of females while playing games. This disparity of using gender has given rise to conflicts, which is why his followers and fellow gamers have asked for Aches face reveal.

As of now, Patrick Price still needs to unveil his face. The available pictures of Aches do not confirm his identity.

Aches face reveal

Why is he so famous?

There are multiple reasons for his fame, apart from him being one of the most talked about Youtube gamers. He is a veteran in the professional Call Of Duty games domain and currently captains the Los Angeles Guerillas.

He has previously captained teams such as – Evil Geniuses, FaZe clan, Leverage, and Complexity, to name a few. Additionally, he won Call of Duty Championships in 2014 and 2018, with the assistance of complexity gaming. For the unversed – he is one of the few esports stars to have been featured on a Wikipedia page.

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Besides all the accolades, he was banned from MLG competitions as well as from attending Call Of Duty Pro League matches for “repeatedly harassing his contemporary players.” This is one of the key reasons why many people wish to check out his real identity, and Aches face reveal is trending on multiple platforms.

Why is the Aches vs opTIC Gaming fight legendary?

There’s no chance that you do not know about the legendary Aches vs opTIC gaming clash if you are a regular in the circuit of Call Of Duty. This story had humble beginnings, but the feud soon spread like wildfire on online portals.

This dates back to UMG Chicago 2012, when in the Grand Finale, the team, opTIC, won. When the winning team led by Nadeshot gave out celebratory news to the Aches team, Aches was supposed to have pushed his hand instead of shaking it, sharing the joy. Since then – both fans and opposite team players have been demanding an Aches face reveal.

This enmity continued further in the later years, some of the instances being – Aches becoming the Best Player in Black Ops 2 and further into the Ghosts games. When the Advanced Warfare season started, despite opTIC buying out the contracts of Evil Geniuses, Aches still went on to win the MLG Columbus, 2014.

Does Aches have any regrets?

Back in March 2019, Aches had been part of a live video – Ask Me Anything session with his fans and fellow gamers. In that, he had not only answered an array of personal questions but also revealed some of his regrets about the game.

When he was quizzed about the worst decision he had made in his gaming career, he stated that – the fact he did not care if his complexity Evil Genius team members were together was one of his biggest mistakes. For the unaware – his Evil Genius roster had broken up after the ending of Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Damon Barlow, also known as ‘Karma’ had departed the roster. He regrets not being able to stop the same.

With the continuing of the session, he was again questioned about his worst mistake. He stated that – following the benching of Damod Abney (Fears), there was a choice between James Eubanks (Clayster) and Aaron Chang (TuQuick). The choice of Chang over Eubanks turned out to be a wrong decision in the long run.

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Even though he was again requested for Aches face reveal in this session, nothing came out of the same.

Aches face reveal

Are there others like him?

If you are active on social media, then the news of Aches face reveal is spreading like wildfire. But he is not the only one on YouTube who has yet to reveal his face. There are other social media influencers on YouTube who have done the same.

They are – SovietWomble, a British gaming Youtuber, and Kizuna AI, another YouTuber who presented herself as a digital character. The other names on the list include – CodeBullet, Daily Dose of Internet, Its A Gundam, Ridddle, How To Basic, and Planet Dolan are some of the few channels with content without the details of the owner or content creator. Also, the majority of these channels are animated and use computer-generated voices for detailing. Hopefully, we will get to see some of them revealing their true selves in the upcoming years.

Before you leave

Though there is still some controversy about Aches face reveal but here are some points to check out-

  • His date of birth is July 18, 1994.
  • The names of his parents are BJ Price and Lesa Price.
  • He is a native of Sanford, North Carolina
  • He graduated from Southern Lee High School in 2012
  • He officially retired from competitive Call Of Duty on January 27, 2022.
  • He announced that he had joined – The Flank and Dexerto’s Reverse Sweep and Call Of Duty League-based series.
  • On the 2nd of March, he joined the Ubisoft San Fransico Studio to work on their new album XDefiant.

Wrapping up

Therefore, with deep regret, we have to tell you that this Aches face reveal has not happened, and fans are still awaiting confirmation from the man himself. Till then, you, too, can check out his old gaming videos and pick up some techniques to win the game.

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