The Perfect Match: Why Getting Fit With A Partner Helps Guarantee Success

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Fitness is something that is as much a lifestyle choice as much as anything else. It’s not like hobbies where you can sequester yourself away and indulge your passion in private – it has to be shared. If you’re in a relationship, the very basics of living a life together are impacted. This includes the likes of:

  • The foods you eat. You can’t go for a date night to a restaurant that is going to impact your dietary choices.
  • The time you have for your significant other. You might be working hard at the gym, but they could be sitting at home feeling neglected.
  • The way you shop. Catering to two different dietary choices can mean separate meal prep, doubling the time it takes to make dinner. You don’t want to color your relationship with extra inconvenience.

There are ways and means of separating life out to accommodate the above, but the easiest solution is the most obvious. When you embark on a fitness regime, your partner should do the same.

Not convinced? One of you need more convincing than the other? Then let’s find some motivation.

  1. You Can Support One Another

We all go through stages where fitness is not something we want to focus on. We want more hours in front of the TV, and the takeout menus are calling to us. If you’re in this as a team, though, you can support each other during the bad patches.

Whether that is suggesting a new exercise trend or treating them to a pair of Adidas NMD or similar to reignite their interest – you’ve got each other’s backs.

  1. Competition is a great motivator.
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Providing you don’t go too far, competition is a great way to keep yourself focused. You can have little personal battles: who can improve their 10K time first? Who can do the most sit-ups in a week?

Whoever wins gets the choice of an option that influences you both. They can pick the next movie you see at the cinema or just what to have for dinner tonight. Just remember to keep in mind the physiological differences between the sexes, so focus on PBs and individual goals being bettered.

3.You have someone to talk to.

When you get into a new habit and routine, it’s somewhat inevitable that it becomes a topic of conversation you enjoy. For the non-fitness inclined friends of yours, this can mean bafflement at your new passion. If you’re not careful, you can cross the line into being a bore.

However, if your significant other is finding their own way to enjoying this lifestyle, you have someone to talk with. You can indulge discussions of the benefits of going grain-free or the merits of balance exercises – and no one is going to get bored. It might even bring you closer together as a couple, as you find common ground that excites and stimulates you both.

It’s only right that when your lifestyle changes you want your partner to be a part of it. So encourage them to see it as an effort for you both, and appreciate the above benefits – and the many others, too.

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