How to get rid of neck hump fast? The tell-all guide you must follow!

how to get rid of neck hump fast

As you browse your phone to get the answer to the search of how to get rid of neck hump fast, you must be sitting in a hunchbacked position. Well, for starters – change your position right away. The search engine will revert your query with its set of posts – albeit this one should satiate all your requirements – but the first thing you must correct is your posture. Please sit straight up to take that first step towards bettering the hump. The rest will follow.

As you will find navigating down – this post will provide you with specifics associated with this neck hump, some procedures by which you can get rid of the same, and finally – a note on the complications (chances are negligible, though) that may arise and how well to deal with the same.

Therefore – jump into the characteristics of the hump –

how to get rid of neck hump fast
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The neck hump – a basic introduction

Medically termed as Dowager’s Hump (Dorsocervical fat pad) – it is a chronic condition caused by poor posture (and multiple other conditions) and starts off from the benign Buffalo Hump (caused by an excess of fat tissue in the neck area).

It is treatable – but is a result of multiple underlying conditions – Stage 1 Osteoporosis, Cushing Syndrome (production of excess cortisol), some developing tumors or cysts, and after-effects of certain medications (anti-inflammatory, antiretroviral drugs), and Scheuermann’s kyphosis. 

Scroll down to find some strokes that will help answer how to get rid of neck hump fast – both by active and passive medical help.

How to get rid of neck hump fast?

There are manifold procedures to answer this query – some medical, while some non-medical. If you venture into the medical path –

  • You will have to consult an orthopedic – as this condition (kyphosis – chronic forward-leaning) could initiate from loss of bone density and other calcium reduction issues.


  • You will have to undergo – bone density tests, MRI, X-ray scans, and blood tests – to keep track of the cortisol and hormones.


  • Once you get the test results – the medical professional, as per your reports, will prescribe the required medications to help you solve the query of how to get rid of neck hump fast.

However – for the uninitiated – simply medication will not ease the pain. Consistency in terms of exercises is the key to success and will help get a response to how to get rid of neck hump fast.

  • Twisting is the way of life – Life can bring some twists at times, but to solve your neck hump could choose to twist in your chair (turn right from where you are sitting and stretch by looking back and then do it from your left, both times use the chair as an anchor). While standing, you can practice the same twist pose by using the wall as an anchor.
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  • Rolling your shoulder – You can either sit or stand with your arms by your side. Now roll your forward and backward 12 times each for 3 sets.


  • Stretching – from chin to shoulder – In this, you can twist your neck to the side and down till the time the chin touches your shoulder. Then try it on the opposite side. Try 3 sets of 20 seconds each.

Yoga is the solution to almost every health issue –

Sukhsma Vayama

This is the preparatory phase, where you align your body to the requirements of yoga. From here, your body can set itself up to the other formats of yoga.


What you know as the cat-cow pose is available both in upward and downward forming motions. For the upward position – get on your fours and align the palm with the shoulders. Inhale, and in the process, put your spine up. While you choose the downward format – you will simply have to arch your spine down while your face is to be more towards the ground.

Yoga to how to get rid of neck hump fast


Anglicised as the dog pose, works both in the upward and downward-facing formats. In case of the downward position – you will have to rest on your knees and put the palm forward so that the knee is placed under the hips and the palm is placed under the shoulder. Form a ‘V’ position and focus on your big toes. While you are practicing the upward position, you will have to lie flat on the mat on your stomach and keep your palm under your shoulders. Then you can lift your torso, hips, and knees off the mat. Practice both – for 20 seconds and in 4 sets.

Savitri asana

The easiest of the ones mentioned above, here you will have to sit in a tabletop position and stretch your arms upwards – completely in an upright position. Hold it for a minute and repeat it 3 times, as in 3 sets of 60 seconds each.

Rest assured – if you follow these techniques – seeking answers to how to get rid of neck hump fast will enhance.

Prevention is better than cure – always

Well, once you are busy here looking for answers to how to get rid of neck hump fast, it implies that you have already developed one and now looking for some respite. However – you can always extend this knowledge to others or even keep in mind yourself that it would be better if you could prevent it (probability for a second time) rather than cure it. So the ways to deal with the same are –

  • Posture correction Sitting on a couch does not mean becoming a potato, and working on a desktop means becoming a leaning giraffe. In either case – be mindful of your posture, try to reduce your slouching tendencies, and then focus on sitting upright. Go slow but steady.
  • Upping your calcium and Vitamin D intake – Medically speaking, women have always had low calcium and Vitamin D content in their bodies. In fact – if you are in the pre or peri-menopause state as a woman, you must enhance your calcium intake by 1800 mg/day. Accordingly – you must increase your Vitamin D intake after consulting a professional. Osteoporosis is a common ailment affecting women of older age, and you must take care not to fall prey to the same.
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Vitamins to get rid of neck hump fast

#Make sure your diet has a healthy blend of fruits and vegetables – that enhance bone density. 

  • Proper routine for exercise – Strength training, cardio, and yoga – this forms the triad that will help you strive through bone density issues and inherently better your overall health.

#With these exercises – the chances of you asking how to get rid of neck hump fast reduces considerably, and even if it does develop – the recovery process is faster. 

Any complications that may occur

Though to date, the neck hump cases that have been medically checked have been touted to be non-serious; however, if it is osteoporosis at a later stage that is developed, or there is too much fat tissue accumulated – that could result in surgical treatment. The scenario is rare.

Take care of your health (read neck)

It is no secret that in the upcoming years, the arms of the digital world will expand, and you will have to spend more hours in the ‘text neck’ position. Taking that into account – it is imperative that you not just figure out answers to how to get rid of neck hump fast (as mentioned in this post) but also practice them starting today. Another thing – despite the range of dehydrating products (which are delicious without a doubt), concentrate on choosing healthier options in your buffet. Take care of your neck and health in general.

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