Hitting the Gym During COVID-19: How Safe Is It Really?

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Going to the gym each day is something many people rely on to stay healthy and fit. During the lockdown, the nation was forced to forgo gym workouts, causing many to lose their focus and ultimate drive. Now that many states are allowing gyms to slowly open, it stands to reason people want to know if they are safe. Knowing if it is safe to visit the gym will keep individuals free of stress as they seek workouts during the continued threat of Covid-19.

Is It Really Safe?

With more of the country relaxing its restrictions, the number of positive cases is rising, especially in hotspots across the country. Before heading out to the gym, individuals must know the rate of infection in their area and effectively weigh any personal risks. Websites like tkstar.com work to reduce the risks by providing gym equipment and instructing owners on proper maintenance.

Relying on the experts, it is clear there is still some concern about working out indoors. The rate of transmission is much higher when groups of people gather indoors, so it is wise to avoid crowded gyms and workout in the outdoors. If a person must work out on public gym equipment, there are undoubtedly some precautions that should be taken before they even step foot on the treadmill or grab a pair of weights.

Tips for Staying Safe in the Gym

Covid-19 certainly has the world’s attention. While many still fear the virus, they are also growing weary of being stuck at home and watching videos to keep up their workouts. Practicing the following will help individuals to stay safe at the gym and drastically cut their risks of catching this dreaded virus.

  • Limiting contact with others remains at the forefront of virus protection and is especially important in indoor gyms. Staying at least six feet apart will help individuals to avoid being exposed to airborne Covid-19 virus particles.
  • Washing hands is still an effective tool for protecting against the virus. The CDC recommends people wash their hands with soap for at least twenty seconds. Effective hand washing removes germs and bacteria that cause illness. For better protection wear nitrile gloves.
  • Those working out at the gym should avoid touching their faces, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth because this can cause virus transmission. Typically, symptoms do not appear until 5-6 days after infection.
  • Avoid using the drinking fountain at any gym. People should bring their own water bottle, preferably one that can be disposed of after the workout at the gym.
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It is also wise to research and ensure the gym is taking the proper precautions to protect their members. Gyms are required to space equipment and clean the equipment regularly. Without these practices, indoor gyms are going to be a risky visit and should be avoided by those who want to stay away from the threat of Covid-19 as much as possible.


While working out at the gym is undoubtedly a risk, it remains less risky with the above hints. Practicing the CDC guidelines and being mindful of your surroundings will help to greatly reduce the risks of becoming infected with Covid-19 at the gym. Always make sure to wear a mask, practice social distancing, clean off gym equipment with a sanitizer, and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds after exposure to any surfaces touched by other gym-goers.


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