Prenatal Yoga Facts – The yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy

yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy

Congratulations! You must have waited for this day with bated breath. Well, now that it is here – you want to secure it in the best manner. As your little one strives to find a home in your womb, you ensure that you provide it with the complete protection that the little one deserves. Taking that duty ahead – you wish to try yoga. After all, the medical data for prenatal yoga states that it does reduce labor duration and pain (test results from 2015 – 2020). However, do you know of that yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy? Now, that’s some shocker!

You must have come searching for yoga posture to try in the gestation period, and then suddenly, you hear that there are postures that you must not try during gestation. Well, this post will provide complete details of those sets of stances you must avoid ensuring a smooth delivery. As you navigate down with your mouse – you will get to know more.

Which yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy?

#1. Chakrasana (Full Wheel Posture) 

Alternatively known as Ardha Dhanurasana – it is beneficial for shoulder and chest muscles and acts as hip flexors. Though this strengthens the spinal extensors, however, it stresses both the midriff cavity as well as the spinal cord. This is just not advisable when it comes to a woman in the gestation stage. Therefore – this is one of the key yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy.

yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy

#2. Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire Stance)

This is a favorite for people who are looking forth to losing some belly fat. It is known as the breath of fire posture since it targets the abdominal muscles and cleanses the lungs. Naturally, it is a heat-generating pose. Now – in the case of gestation – you will have to understand that the position of the diaphragm is higher than the normal scenario.

In this scenario – this pranayam involves – forceful inhalation and exhalation of breath, and retention of breath will negatively impact the fetus, depriving it of the required oxygen.

#3. Kakasana (Crow Stance)

This is another yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. For this form of yoga – your body has to be raised with your hands (acting as crow’s feet) supporting the whole body. As one of the most prominent hatha yoga techniques – this helps in improving the body’s balance. Unfortunately – when a pregnant woman is concerned – this is one of the inversion yogas that changes the center of gravity for the woman and enhances the risk of falling. Strictly forbidden for carrying women.

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#4. Ardha Matsyaendrasana (Half Lord Fishes Posture)

If you are looking for a yoga session that will release the pressure from your lower back area and restore the natural alignment of your spine – this is the yoga to follow. If you are carrying and looking for the same relief strategies – this is not your yoga (you can try the cat-cow stance). As one of the yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy – this twirls the midriff and stresses the fetus. Not the healthiest option for your baby.

#5. Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose)

This is one of the most opted stances for those who wish to strengthen their legs. However, not the one for the pregnant! Currently, your body will not be able to take the twirls and the flattening of the abdominal cavity.

Apart from the above-mentioned yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy – you must be careful of all those postures that involve – fast movement, flattening the midriff muscles, extreme stretching poses requiring inversions, and finally, those requiring lying on the back for a considerable period. Always consult a prenatal yoga expert before you go in for the training session.

#Amidst all the yoga stances that are mentioned above – there is one, the Headstand or Sirasana posture, which involves inversion. Though it is not recommended in most cases – however, some medical professionals do recommend this stance – provided that there is someone who is there to help you. If you check out most of the celebrity magazines – Sirasana posture is a favorite amongst them – noted tennis player Sania Mirza and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma leading the path.

yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy

Be cautious

As you are in a very sensitive stage of your life, you must understand that no caution is less caution. Hence, you must be very careful of every move that you make. If you are following the list which states yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy – and yet you have some conditions such as – nausea, dehydration, overheating, pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, or any sudden spotting – immediately consult your obstetrician. There might be certain complications in your gestation period.

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Summarising the benefits of yoga – 1st trimester

Though it is advised that you follow the yoga routine until your last trimester, it is important to check if you are getting the desired benefits in the first trimester itself. As you practice yoga constantly – you will find that they are building strength, improving the flexibility of your muscles, and finally – alleviating the inflammatory conditions of your body. As your center of gravity changes during gestation – you will find that these yoga postures are helping your body adjust to the same.

Only if your body is reacting positively in the first trimester – carry on with yoga in due course of time.

A quickie on the safe postures

Though you might have been practicing yoga for a long time, it is now that you get to know about the yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. If that is the case – then what are the stances that you must practice? Going over the usual ones –

The Cat-Cow pose, the Plank stance, the Child posture, and the Gate stance are a must! Apart from that – do not forget – the Happy Baby posture, the Cobbler’s posture, the Reclined Goddess, and the Side Corpse stance. All these postures concentrate on the spine, inner thighs, and hips portion – which alleviate the discomfort levels during gestation.

A note for the beginners

If you are someone who has been practicing yoga for a long time, prenatal yoga, as long as you know yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy – will not be a headache. However, if you have just entered the domain of yoga – the prenatal version of it can be a bit difficult.

yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy

In that case, just keep in mind – you must have a broad mindset to accept this exertion and rather enjoy the process than merely going through it; you must concentrate initially on the breathing and relaxation exertions. These will lead you to get an easier grasp of prenatal yoga.

Breathe in – Breathe out

You are in a better position now since you already know yoga pose to avoid during pregnancy. Well, make sure that you follow the routine. Also, keep your obstetrician updated with your regular physical activity and yoga routine. Eat healthily, take care of your baby and follow the yoga pattern mentioned. Also, do pin up this page for reference in the future. Hope you have a safe delivery.

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