When to Get Your Hearing Checked

Hearing Checked

The progress of time has transformed the world in many ways. Though we feel the benefits of industrialization daily, it has also scarred human health. One such detrimental yet inseparable aspect of today’s world is noise.  Get Hearing Checked

Noise levels are closely correlated with hearing loss. This is especially true if you’re chronically exposed to loud noises. Increasing noise pollution means this exposure comes from virtually all places: the road, your headphones, markets, and maybe your workplace. In fact, one in 12 people in the United States alone suffer from hearing loss, and this is not only because of genetics or old age. Individuals often do not realize they suffer from it right until it gets too worse to ignore. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the critical signs you should not overlook regarding the state of your hearing abilities. 

1. People Have Been Commenting On It and you too get Hearing Checked

Oftentimes, one is too caught up in their life to notice subtle changes in health. Deteriorating hearing, in particular, can be easy to miss: you may not notice you’ve been cranking volumes up. However, people will observe when you aren’t responsive to low voices. Your friends, family, and colleagues will probably be the first to realize that they need to talk louder to get your attention. Take such comments seriously, even if they’ve been made in passing.  

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2. You Lean Toward a Speaker

Body language tells a lot. If you’ve been needing to make adjustments to your posture when you’re conversing, you should link it to your hearing ability. Such adjustments can include twisting your body, cupping your ear with your hand, or having to lean toward people to decipher words when they’re talking. When you catch yourself doing such an act unconsciously, become more aware of your usual behavior and ask a friend if it’s been repeatedly occurring. Get a hearing test and visit the doctor if the response is affirmative. 

3. You’re Missing Your Phone’s Ringing

If you repeatedly see missed calls and alarm notifications on your phone, maybe analyze your hearing ability rather than assuming the phone is malfunctioning. This will also go for doorbells, notification sounds, and reminders. Do not ignore such minor signs, as they will worsen with time. 

4. Your Ears Ring

Ringing and buzzing in the air are signs of tinnitus, and up to 90% of people with tinnitus have deteriorated hearing abilities. Tinnitus is common in individuals who are routinely exposed to loud noise like the roar of machinery or music. If you are commonly in a noisy environment and do not protect your ears, your chances of suffering from hearing loss are going to be considerable. Ringing is an easily observable and telltale sign, so pay attention to what your ears tell you in quieter surroundings. 


Ignoring loss in any of your sensory abilities is never a good idea: they will not heal by themselves and only worsen with time. If you observe any of the signs we mentioned, assess yourself carefully. Helix Hearing Care offers a free hearing test; you can use it as well. Get the help of a healthcare professional as soon as possible if you feel like your hearing abilities are deteriorating. 

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