5 Ways to Encourage Your Partner to Workout

Encourage Your Partner

If you’re finding your partner hanging out in front of the TV a bit too much, gaining weight, and losing interest in sex, you might rightly feel like you should do something to help. 

You know your partner should exercise, but you don’t want to nag him either. It is important to be sensitive toward your partner, but you don’t have to avoid the topic of exercise altogether. 

Exercise is part of being healthy. It benefits us physically, mentally, and sexually. To help, read on to learn 5 tactful and effective ways to get your man off the couch, losing weight, and coming on to you once again. 

Exercise with Them

Having an exercise buddy can be a huge motivator for getting off the couch and hitting the gym. Commit to at least one day a week that you and your sweetheart exercise together. You can go for a walk, which a Harvard study found to be a libido-boosting exercise. You could also take an online core strength class, ride bikes, or whatever else the two of you find satisfying. 

Disguise the Exercise

If your guy has an aversion to gyms, running, and generally exercising, you may have more luck pointing him toward activities that are fun and functional. Start a project in the yard–gardening, building a treehouse, and landscaping will get him moving without feeling like he’s exercising. 

Plus, having a clear goal like “finish building the treehouse” makes it easier to get motivated to be consistent and work on the project every day.

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Make It Fun

Many people avoid exercise because it feels boring. This is especially true for people who are naturally creative and/or have ADHD. For these people, there needs to be something more compelling than repetitive weightlifting or running around the track. 

Consider suggesting more creative forms of exercise like Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, acrobatics, hip hop, or even Ninja Warrior training. He’ll feel a lot more excited about exercise if it is also a learning process that challenges him in new, unexpected ways. 

Research Local Groups

Some people have a lot more success with exercise if it has a social element. Find out what local sports are accessible to you and your partner. Research these groups and casually mention what you find. 

Activities like co-ed soccer, flag football, frisbee golf, swim team, and hiking groups can become not only a great way to get fit, but also a great way to make new friends. Once your man makes friends who love to exercise, many more options for getting fit will open up for him. 

Set Up Your Home Gym

Often, people give up on exercise because their day is already too full. After a full day of work followed by a traffic-filled commute, driving to a gym may not feel particularly appealing. So why not bring the gym home? 

Invest in a weight rack, a trampoline, treadmill, jump rope, or whatever else most excites you and your partner. Setting up a way to weight train at home is ideal, as weight training is a classic libido-boosting exercise!

Plus your man will be proud of his newly bulging biceps, and will start feeling sexier. Having options for different forms of exercise will make it less likely that your workouts become repetitive and boring.

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The key to getting to encourage your partner to exercise is to help connect him with something that genuinely interests and excites him. If your partner hates setting goals, he may prefer a sports team. If he hates group activities, he may love having a home gym

Try a variety of things while remaining encouraging. If your guy starts to feel like you’re nagging him, he’s probably going to sink even deeper into the couch. Plant the seeds and let your him do the rest. Once you help him find what works, you’ll watch him transform.

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