The adverse effect of nicotine on your health

effect of nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical which is present in tobacco plants. Its continuous consumption may lead to several health issues like blood pressure, cancer and heart attack. Various tobacco products like cigarettes, hookah, and cigars contain effect of nicotine .

Nicotine is a pale yellow liquid which is naturally colourless. It is also available in powdered form. The human body can absorb it through ingesting, inhaling or skin contact. A high dose of this chemical may lead to death, but the most dangerous problem of this chemical is its addiction. It changes the brain functionality in humans and makes them crave it.

How effect of nicotine affects the body and brain

Taking nicotine gives a feeling of pleasure to persons, but this doesn’t last long, and this causes them to take it continuously to get the next rush. After nicotine consumption, a person will feel a brief high because of the increase in endorphins. This chemical also boosts the dopamine level in the brain. This makes people keep consuming nicotine. Prolonged consumption of this chemical affects the brain parts which deal with stress, self-control and learning.

Nicotine remains in blood, saliva, urine and breast milk. Hence, if taken by a breastfeeding mother, it can reach the baby’s body, which is dangerous.

Addiction and effect of nicotine

Nicotine causes the brain to release chemicals that temporarily give pleasure to people. When taken, nicotine reaches the brain in 10 seconds. But with time, they may require more to get the same feeling repeatedly. This eventually results in addiction. Once you are addicted, getting rid of this habit is difficult. Thus you will continue to smoke or consume other tobacco products. Also, like other addictive drugs, you will get withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit this habit.

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Some withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Increase in appetite
  • A strong craving for nicotine
  • Loss of attention.

How nicotine affects health

Many people link nicotine with cancer, but this is not true. This highly addictive chemical may lead to headaches, jitteriness, seizures and elevation in heart rate. Higher concentrations may cause death and paralysis. Also, even the short-term exposure to this chemical may affect the respiratory system and heart.

Nicotine in youngsters and teens

Nicotine can severely impact youngsters’ brains, especially those under 25 years of age. Until 25, the human brain keeps on developing; nicotine can interfere with such things, which may result in permanent brain damage. In teenagers, e-cigarettes are very common, and this addiction is also highly hazardous to their health.

People below 25 are more susceptible to nicotine addiction before their brain develops completely. This chemical can damage the brain, which reduces concentration and learning capability. While taking e-cigarettes, many teenagers are not aware that it contains nicotine. Such incomplete knowledge is again not good for them.


I hope, through this blog, you might have become aware of the adverse impact of nicotine on your health. Nicotine is considered a silent killer, and it takes more lives than HIV or road accidents in a year. So, do you need nicotine pouches to satisfy your craving for it? If yes, then quit this habit as soon as you can. You can take the help of doctors for this.

Think twice before consuming nicotine, as it will make your body a home to several diseases. It’s hard to kick this habit, but there are supplements available which can help you in fighting against this habit.

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Remember, that quitting nicotine is not easy, and it won’t happen overnight. Either you try to quit by yourself, or it may be better to take help from quit program centers to get a support group.

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