Useful tips for using hearing aids

using hearing aids

Healthy hearing is the part of a fulfilling and happy life. Thanks to it, we interact with the world around us, communicate with other people, love, create and build our lives. Person development is impossible without a healthy hearing. Children receive information about the world and the environment with the help of all senses. But it is a healthy ear that helps the development of speech. Read about using hearing aids

It’s very important to take care of and protect your hearing. Today it’s more relevant than ever. After all, the modern way of life, especially in cities, destroys the fragile auditory system. Because of this, many people suffer from hearing loss, tinnitus, frequent falls, etc. Indeed, hearing loss is not only the ability to distinguish and respond to external sounds and speech. Although many people think so. Hearing problems gradually form other complications that interfere no less in everyday life. For example, many people, especially in old age, lose their orientation in space. As a result, they often fall and inflict serious injuries on themselves. There is also a gradual decline in cognitive functions. Don’t forget about the self-isolation of a person with hearing loss. Why is this happening?

It becomes more difficult for a person to communicate with other people. Moreover, he becomes uncomfortable in a noisy place with other people. He chooses gatherings alone at home than spending time with a fun company. As a rule, chronic depression occurs after isolation from society.

Thus, hearing loss causes various physiological and psychological problems. Treatment is complicated by the fact that people are reluctant to seek help. Statistics show that 8-10 years pass from the appearance of the first symptoms to the consultation with an audiologist. Of course, it’s an average. However, it speaks volumes. People are shy and afraid of their problems. They fear the psychological stigma of society. They think that other people will point fingers at them and consider them disabled, etc.

Of course, this is fundamentally wrong. Moreover, hearing loss does not go away. Sooner or later you’ll still have to seek help if you have symptoms of the disorder.

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It’s worth noting right away. Today there are effective and safe means and methods against hearing loss. Most often, audiologists recommend the daily use of hearing aids.

These are miniature medical devices, which restore the ability to hear. They have a complex structure and consist of various components. First hearing aids were big, unattractive, and uncomfortable. It’s no wonder that many people, especially the young, didn’t like to wear them. Moreover, some didn’t wear them, despite the hearing loss, preferring to store them on a shelf.

Today everything is different. You’ll find a huge variety of hearing aids on sale. Devices differ in type, power, functions, and, of course, design. Thanks to such variety, you can choose hearing aids, which will restore your hearing and emphasize your style.

The most important thing when choosing devices is not to do it yourself. It’s better to consult with an audiologist. A hearing care professional will offer you a choice of models that will have all the necessary conditions, including your wishes.

Modern models of hearing aids give great opportunities to the user. However, a person must be able to wear them and monitor their condition. In this case, the devices will work for a long time. Many people have some problems with this. So how do use hearing aids properly?

Read the instruction manual

Carefully read the instruction manual and the hearing aid passport before using your hearing aid. These recommendations pay attention to the factors that have a significant impact on its work. Try to follow all manufacturer’s recommendations.

Wear hearing aids for at least 8 hours a day

Why exactly 8 hours? It’s an average value, which suits most users for training speech intelligibility. More is possible and necessary. If you wear a hearing aid less, then the brain will “forget” how to perceive sounds correctly. In this case, the effect of using medical devices will be minimal. It’s especially important to observe the rule for children. Because any delay in immersion in the sound environment will affect development.

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Protect devices from environmental influences

First of all, this applies to the ingress of moisture and exposure to high temperatures. Try to keep your devices dry. To do this, you can use hearing aid dehumidifiers.

Clean your devices properly

Hearing aids are placed on the head of the user who is actively moving, sweating, etc. It is also necessary to take into account the physiological process of the release of earwax and the impact of various weather conditions. All of these factors affect your devices every day. Therefore, you should clean the hearing aids as often as possible, at least once a week. 

If you are not experienced with cleaning hearing aids, it is best to consult an audiologist. Let the specialist show in detail how to clean your model from dirt and earwax. Then you can do it yourself.

Remove hearing aids before showering

Moisture is detrimental to electronic devices. Surprisingly, people often forget to remove their hearing aids when going to a shower, pool, etc. When a person wears hearing aids long enough, he gets used to them and stops paying attention to them. Therefore, be careful.

Store devices in an inaccessible place

Keep your hearing aids away from children and pets. They can damage your devices. And if you use hearing aids with batteries, it can cause serious harm to a child or pet. If the battery enters the stomach, you’ll need to seek immediate medical care. Therefore, it is better to prepare a place in advance, which will be inaccessible to anyone except you.

By following these simple tips, you’ll enjoy an amazing world full of sounds and happy moments. Try to follow all the advice. And then your devices will become your faithful assistants for a long time!

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