First Date Tips for Men: Learn Some of the Best Ones

first date tips

First dates can be quite daunting, especially if you have not been in the dating for quite some time. But pat yourself on the back, because you managed to charm someone and landed the first date with her! Congratulations! Now, you need to make sure that this first date does not become your last date. First dates can go horribly wrong. But do not let the horrifying first date stories from your pals ruin your day, because we are here to help. Here are some first date tips for men straight from relationship experts to help make you make a favorable impression on her and hopefully start dating! Read on to find out what you should and should not do.

10 Best First Date Tips To Follow

  1. Be Punctual

No one likes tardiness, no, not even your date. So make sure that you are there on time or better way before time. Arriving on time shows that you are responsible and have good manners as you did not want to make her wait for you. Arriving early also means you can check out the place before you decide on a spot to sit or what to eat. You can check the menu and ask for recommendations. In this way, you will know what to order as soon as she arrives. She will be impressed once you order a delightful treat instead of a funny looking food that she cannot even bear to look at.

  1. Give Compliments 

You can never go wrong with compliments. Girls love compliments, so do not hesitate to tell her if she has beautiful eyes or a really pretty smile. If you like her outfit go on and tell her that! Do not be worried about sounding too cheesy or corny. Your date will surely appreciate the sweet talk. But be genuine, do not try and sell a pickup line, because then that would be corny.

  1. Do Not Be Super Touchy 

Do not listen to your guy friend when they tell you that you should touch her frequently and be close to her to send across the message that you are really into her and cannot get enough of her. If you do this, you will not make it to the second date with her. You will land in her books of creeps to avoid, and you do not want that, do you? So keep physical contact to a minimum. Be natural and friendly, and do not creep her out.

  1. Using Slang Does Not Make You Cool 

You may swear as much as you like with your friends, but please refrain from using swear words when you are on your first date. Once or twice is understandable, but continuously dropping the f word in the middle of every sentence will start grating on her nerves. Your goal on the first date is not to get on her nerves but to make her smile and laugh.

  1. Do Not Be Super Giddy Around Her

Yes, you are excited and nervous at the same because it’s your first date! But do not let that show when she arrives. She will not take well to that excitement of yours and instead will get tired of it pretty quickly.

  1. Should You Or Should You Not Split The Bill? 

The most important question, that everyone on their first date struggles with. Do not worry about it too much. Nowadays, it’s fine to split the bill, and it does not make you any less of a man. If she insists on paying for the dinner, let her but do not stop her from paying the bill proclaiming how as a man, you should be paying for it since this is a date. Here’s an important date tip – if you really want to pay for her dinner, tell her that politely and she might allow you!

  1. Put Effort Into How You Dress For The Date

Do not just wear whatever you get your hands on, and you want to impress her and not get dumped on your first date with her. Keep that in mind while dressing. For first date tips, men should always opt for a clean but a well-put-together look. Wash your hair and brush it. Apply some aftershave and some cologne. The first impression counts and one way to make a good impression is by showing up well dressed. Your first date would not like you showing up in joggers and your favorite old t-shirt.

  1. Do Not Play Hard To Get 

Remember, this playing hard to get will not make her pursue you! Those things only happen in the movies and not in real life. If you play hard to get, she will get some other guy. You do not want to lose your chance with her, so do not mess it up by not replying to her texts or not picking up her calls. Instead, you should reach out to her first after the first date is over. Send a simple text that you enjoyed your time with her and would love to take her out on a second date. Let her know that you genuinely liked being with her.

  1. Bragging Will Only Turn Her Off

If you think you can impress someone by boasting about your achievements and your family status, well good luck with that. You may impress your employer but not the girl you are trying to date. It will make her annoyed. So keep your title and achievements to yourself on your first date. Have a normal conversation with her; get to know her instead of giving her an earful about your time at Princeton.

  1. Keep Your Phone Away

You will not get that second date if you keep texting away on your phone while she is trying to make some conversations with you. Turn your phone off and listen to her. Make it a two-way conversation. She will appreciate the fact that you are listening to her. It shows that you are interested in.

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Remember these first date tips when you are planning a date with her. Following these tips will make sure that your date ends on a good note, and you get to see her again!

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