Top Seven Secrets of Clean And Clear Skin By Famous Skin Specialists

Skin Care System- Making Sure it Works

Whenever we visit the dermatologist’s clinic and consult with the skin specialist in Chennai, we can not stop ourselves but stare in awe at the doctor’s skin. Of course, we know that we must wash our faces and moisturize daily, but it seems like dermatologists and the most well-known skin specialists in Chennai are having all the best-kept skin secrets to glowing and clear skin. We may search online, read and learn ways to clean and clear skin from magazines, browse Pinterest boards, etc., yet doing all this does not help much. The dermatologists live in a skincare world, so evidently, they know what is best and suitable for their skin and are doing better than anyone else.

As we get older and aged, slowly and slowly, the speed by which the skin cells turn over begins to slow up, making the skin appear to be lifeless and dull. There are three crucial steps to maintain and keep your skin looking great and glowing at any age: 

  • Protects and safeguard your skin from the sun,
  • Provide your skin with nutrients and supplements to improve and enhance skin turnover, and 
  • Using products that gently reduce or remove the top layer of dead skin that is shed less quickly due to the slower skin turnover.

Keeping all this in mind, you must make sure that you pay attention and utmost care to your skin as firmly and carefully as skin specialists in Chennai do. If you’re concerned and curious to know what all these expert skin specialists in Chennai do to keep their skin appearing perfect, keep in mind these tips from expert skin specialists and dermatologists on achieving smooth, clear, and glowing skin.

  1. Use A Cleaning Brush
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If you are not having super sensitive and delicate skin and love that deep clean and wash feeling, they are sufficient to use regularly. These cleansing brushes give the skin a mini-massage, enable the gentlest microdermabrasion, and help products penetrate better post-cleansing. If you have very soft and sensitive skin, then flush quickly, try doing it every other day and use the most delicate and soothing brush attachment.

  1. Use Medicated Wipes

Don’t let your workouts wreak damage on the skin. The renowned skin specialists in Chennai suggest medicated wipes for post-exercising. 

  1. Restrict Your Exfoliating

Exfoliating frequently seems like it would help cleanse the skin, but you have to make sure that you don’t exaggerate and overdo it. Constant scrubbing the skin damages it. You can use limited small amounts of glycolic, retinoids, or salicylic acid instead to assist in diminishing or removing dead skin cells.

  1. Include An Antioxidant

Antioxidant serums accompanied by vitamin C and vitamin E protect and shelter your skin against photoaging and boost sunscreens’ effectiveness. The antioxidants neutralize unwanted free radicals formed by the sun, obstructing the breakdown of collagen and discoloration. Antioxidants in well-composed serums penetrated the skin better than ingredients and contaminants in thicker products such as face creams.”

  1. Wear Sunscreen On Everyday Basis

It’s quite common thinking that you are good to go when applying sunscreens while moving to the beach or the pool. But according to the expert skin specialist in Chennai, you must probably think again! They say sunscreen is essential and requisite on every single day. Also, it is said that people who used SPF 15 or higher sunscreen regularly had 24 percent less skin aging than the people who do not.

  1. Use A Retinoid Before Bed
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Retinoid improves and enhances wrinkling, boosts collagen synthesis, reduces collagen breakdown, and upgrades skin texture and discoloration. Hence, using this before going to bed is an excellent way for glowing and clean skin.

  1. Every Time Wash Your Face Before Bed

While being tired and lazy at times, most people never wash their faces before going to bed. But it is a very essential and crucial step to do for glowing skin. Almost every dermatologist does it personally and recommends the same. They never skip this step. 

So, no matter how tired, worn out and exhausted you are, do wash your face to get the day’s grime off. These will help clean the make-up, air pollution, oil, etc., from the face and eliminate the risk of skin irritation and acne. 

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