Tips on How Your Healthy Smoothie Become Your Best Friend

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How am I supposed to make my smoothie sweet and tasty at the same time without making it unhealthy?

 Preparing your smoothie for the day? Making smoothies should be something that you look forward to everyday. Yet, when you are in to Detox Smoothies, sometimes you wish you have another choice. We know that green smoothies will help us stay in good shape, but thinking of the smoothie taste makes us twitch. Taste! Sometimes, your smoothie can taste a bit, well… weird, bitter, or a bit too sweet or not sweet at all. The drink is healthy, yes, but do you really want to force yourself to drink something you don’t like, do you? How to make your healthy smoothie your best friend?

Secrets on How to Fall in Love with Your Smoothie

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  • Fruits

Start your healthy little mix with those all-time favorite fruits! Adding Banana, Coconut Milk, Orange, Strawberry, or Pineapple would give a perk to your taste buds and would make your green smoothie a sudden drinks delight. These fruits are naturally sweet so you do not need to add sweetener. So when you buy your fruits, choose those that are ripe enough to produce sweetness.

  • Creaminess

If ever you want to add a creamy blend to it, simply add Frozen Yogurt, Avocado, or Vanilla Yogurt in since they’re all cream givers and makers! One trick is to add more banana ratio or nut milk to your mixture. They would give your smoothie extra thickness and the milk will help on hiding the taste of the green leaves.

  • Your smoothie not sweet enough? Need a little twist to the taste?

Add a bit of honey, syrup, a little sprinkle of sugar or coconut sugar to make it as sweet as you want it to be. And just in case you need a little something new, remember the spices in your pantry. You could use a little dash of vanilla, cinnamon or ginger! Cacao powder can even be sprinkled all over. It would surely make your smoothie smell so inviting!

  • Change the Recipe
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Healthy and Green smoothies are usually just made out of green, leafy vegetables. How about adding a little more into your list of ingredients. When you go to the market to go buy the greens you need to last a week, add some fruits to go with it. On top of it all, you can also add ice cubes or a little bit of Frozen Yogurt to accompany the ice. Now that won’t be wrong, just yummy and hearty!

Hangout with Your Friends

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Friends always make things worthwhile. They even make other things you don’t like enjoyable! When you’re out talking with them, your thoughts sort of go out to the conversation and you forget about the taste you are even tasting! Amazing right?! Friends could even give you tips about the smoothie and share their own favorite blends. They are reliable at most times. Invite friends over to share your smoothie recipes!

Make It Your Everyday Drink

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Don’t skip on your smoothie program routines. You’ll get healthier, stronger and good looking due to the vitamins and nutrients you got from it and have, yes, enough energy to run around the house as fast as you would like. The more you drink it every day, the more you’ll get used to it! Give yourself time to adjust and incorporate it to your daily diet.

  • Flavor Schedule

Plan your smoothie mix. It is best to have different flavors each day of the week in order for you to ‘not’ be bored. Create a perfect blend, suiting to your taste. Each time you discover a new mixture, blend it in!

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Ex. (Monday) Orange Smoothie, (Tuesday) Strawberry Smoothie… [and so on].

  • Use a reliable blender

Be careful in choosing the right gadget to be your buddy on your fitness adventure. Reliable blender models give you creamy and very constant smoothness, and giving you a worry free “Smoothie Making”.

A Bonus Recipe to Share with You (Delicious Recipe for a Start)

Avocado and Mango Super Mix

smoothie straw and orange

Total time needed: 2 minutes


1 ripe banana

½ cup ripe mango (cut anyway you like)

A bunch of spinach

2 tbsp. hempseeds

½ cup of your favorite milk (unsweetened)

A dash of salt

Ice cubes

Some Kale sprouts


  • Put all your ingredients inside your blender and turn it on until it reaches the smoothness that you desire.
  • Pour it in a bowl and garnish with remaining slices of mangoes, a drop of honey, sprinkle of some hempseeds and a little bit of kale sprouts.

You can even make your own choice of toppings! As you like it.

There you are! Have you collected all the tips that you can try? I bet, you cannot wait to make your next smoothie. Just add on a little bit of imagination, and you’ll get there. Call your friends and talk about it. Share your idea blends here!

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