6 Tips for Selecting the Right Mattress to Achieve the Best Night’s Rest Possible

Selecting the Right Mattress

With so many mattresses “out there” purchasing a new one may seem a bit overwhelming. This is especially the case if you suffer from neck or back pain. Choosing the right or the wrong mattress can make a huge difference between spending your time comfortably and feeling good, or uncomfortable and in pain.

If you are searching for a new mattress, you can read this blog post on Health.com official blog, and use the tips, resources and information here for selecting the right mattress for your needs.

1. Learn What Mattress Materials are Available

Before you purchase a mattress, you need to become familiar with the most common types and how they are designed.

The most common types of mattresses you can choose from include:

  •       Innerspring mattresses: These use coils which may provide a more traditional bouncy feel and stronger support.
  •       Memory foam: These mattresses are designed to contour your body, providing pressure relief. Some people who use memory foam state that the material feels warm when they are asleep; however, companies like Nolah make foam mattresses designed for hot sleepers.
  •       Latex mattresses: These are known for offering more responsiveness and bounce than an innerspring mattress and sleep cooler.
  •       Hybrid mattresses: Use both latex and memory foam layers on top of an innerspring mattress. The goal is to provide support and softness.
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Most mattresses are also rated based on how firm they are. Generally, if a mattress is too soft or too old, it will not provide the level of support the spine needs.

2. Ask Your Doctor

If you have a neck or back condition, you need to speak with your physical therapist or doctor about what type of mattress they recommend. It is a good idea to find a mattress that will ensure your low back and neck are in a neutral position when you are lying down. This is going to promote proper spinal alignment. While your doctor is not an expert on mattresses, they do know your medical history and can provide you with advice and guidance about the right option for your needs.

3. Visit Stores and Test Mattresses

Visit a mattress store and take some time to browse around at all the different types of mattresses that are available. Be sure to take off your shoes and lie down on several different mattresses for at least 10 minutes each. You should not feel self-conscious – this is an important purchase and one you need to take your time making.

4. Don’t Fall for the Gimmicks

While mattress sellers may label mattresses as being “medically-approved” or orthopedic, there is no actual medical organization that will certify a mattress to carry this label. While a mattress may have features that are considered orthopedic friendly, there is no medical group that has actually verified these claims.

5. Firm Isn’t Always Better

Make sure you think twice before you go with the firmest mattress that you can find. There is some research that has shown that if you want a mattress to help with lower back pain, choosing one with a medium firmness level is better than one that is labeled as just “firm.” There is also a significant difference between a firm feel and firm support. It is important to find firm support that is also comfortable. Remember, comfort is based on your own personal preference.

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6. Read Real Reviews from Past Customers

Don’t pay much attention to what a mattress company has to say about themselves or their services. Their goal is to market the products they offer in a positive light, at all times. A better option is to look for unbiased reviews from real people who have purchased the mattress that you are thinking about buying. Try to read a mix of both the positive and the negative reviews, along with the ones that fall in the middle. This will give you a good look at the mattress and what it offers.

When you are ready to purchase a mattress, there are several things you must consider. If you want to get all the benefits possible from your mattress, keep the tips and information here in mind. Finding the right mattress will pay off in the long run. 

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