Fitness Fandom – 5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Workout Obsessed Pals

Fitness Fandom - 5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Workout Obsessed Pals

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Gym junkies are an interesting breed. When it’s your loved one that falls into the category, you too get to face the quirks of all their positive energy, dietary advice and exercise words that, when used in the same conversation, start to sound like they’re building a doomsday bunker: “bulking,” “gains,” “cutting,” and “isolation.”

As much as you love them, it’s common for pals of fitness fanatics to feel a bit of pressure when birthdays and other celebrations roll around and you are strapped for gift ideas since their favorite hobby/obsession is completely foreign to you. To help you out, here are five safe gift ideas for your fitness-enthusiast friends.

1. Their Very Own PT

Professional personal trainers are the perfect companions, advisors, and cheerleaders for those who are fitness-inclined. Give your friend the gift of personal training, allowing them to get fitness instruction tailored to their needs, and they will be sure to love it. Options include one-on-one training sessions with a professional, small group personal training where they can connect with like-minded peers, or even transformation training programs if they can’t resist a challenge!

2. High-Quality Fitness Gear

If your friend is not the biggest shopper this will be an especially thoughtful touch. Fitness clothing and gear can be surprisingly expensive. To the untrained eye, these items may just look like towels, mats and stretchy bits of apparel, but quality fitness gear is usually made from special, high-grade materials with performance and functionality in mind. A new non-slip fitness mat, or, if you know their size, a gym outfit or durable leggings will enhance your friend’s workout and have them bursting with gratitude.

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3. Epsom Salts and Spa Accessories

Think twice before skipping this option for something more gym-related. Someone who trains hard or incorporates high-intensity activity in their daily life will require adequate post-workout recovery time. This makes feel-good gifts like Epsom salts, luxe bath products, DIY bath soaks, or even massage vouchers ideal as they will soothe your mate’s muscles and prevent fatigue. This is also a great choice if you don’t know what kind of workouts your friend is into. Not to mention the fact that you can easily adjust your choices to suit your budget.

4. Health and Fitness Reading Materials

We’re not just talking about the classic subscription to a men’s or women’s health magazine, though this is still a perfectly decent option if your dear one is an avid magazine flipper. There are countless healthy cookbooks and nutrition guides as well as many popular books on self-care, health and wellness that are not only enjoyable to read but will provide your friend with motivation and information to enrich their life.

5. Performance Trackers

Depending on the nature of your relationship, wearables that track performance are a modern and practical present for someone who is health and fitness conscious. There are the popular wristbands and smartwatches that track metrics like your daily steps and heart rate, and even GPS smart vests that use sensors to track physical performance during sporting activities. Keep in mind, this is not a budget gift. It may be best reserved for someone like a close friend, relative, or your partner.

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Now you have a better idea of how to treat a fitness-lover, it’s up to you to personalize your present. Choose your favorite gym pun to sign your card and give a hint about the gift by saying  something cheeky like “Can’t weight to go to the gym,” “Thanks for lifting me up when I was down,” or “Meet me at the bar.” Show off your rock-hard puns!

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