How does Zumba help you lose weight?

Zumba is a form of aerobic exercise which originated from Latin dancing. It requires high energy which increases your physical activity and helps in burning calories. People who practice Zumba have benefited in multiple ways. It effectively helps in burning calories. If you wish to lose some weight then Zumba might be the best option for you.


You can lose weight by restricting your calorie intake and practicing high energy activities like Zumba. This combination has benefited lots of people and mostly women. Zumba helps you burn a minimum of 300 to 900 calories in an hour. Depending on the intensity of the activity, the calorie burn varies. You can easily meet your weight loss goals by just practicing Zumba twice or thrice a week for 1 hour each.


Here is a detailed analysis of the health benefits of Zumba. You can actually gain loads of positivity from a Zumba session. It keeps you active, helps you lose weight and burn calories.


How many calories can you burn in a Zumba session?


A study conducted on women of age 18 to 23 was conducted early this year. All the participants burned a minimum of 10 calories per minute in a 45 minutes session. Calculating the numbers, it was found that each woman burned 450 calories. Comparing the results with other high energy activities, it burned more calories than any other activity. The calorie burn depends on various factors and can vary from person to person. The various factors are:


  1. Age
  2. Body weight
  3. Physical fitness level
  4. Workout intensity
  5. Genetics of the person


You can enhance the intensity of the Zumba session to burn more calories. Although, your physical fitness can be a barrier here. You need to increase your fitness to increase the intensity of Zumba. You can monitor your fitness levels by using a heart rate monitor. There are Zumba variation classes also known as High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT Zumba. These classes help you enhance physical fitness and strength.


Weight loss is triggered by the deficit of calories. If your body is supplied with a huge amount of calories, then there is no use of practicing Zumba. On the contrary, you also need to consume the required amount of calories to keep your energy levels high. You need professional support for restricting your calorie intake to a level which doesn’t harm your body. The goal is to lose weight without harming your own body. You need to stay fit and healthy while you are in the weight loss procedure. Follow a proper diet loaded with lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, fish and fruits.

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How many calories do we need every day?


Our body requires a good amount of calories every day. The amount varies for every individual. It depends on your daily routine, age, BMI or Body Mass Index, physical fitness, etc. Similarly, a lot depends on your diet and instructions of your dietitian as well as the doctor. For instance, a healthy woman requires a minimum of 1200 calories per day while a man needs 1500 calories. No matter what kind of activity you perform, your body must have a minimum of above-mentioned calories.


For example, suppose you burn 500 calories in a day. Then you must consume 1700 calories if you are a woman and 2000 calories if you are a man. You can burn these calories by any means of activity. It can be done through high-intensity Zumba session as well.


How often should you practice Zumba for weight loss?


The Zumba session depends on your fitness levels and health conditions. The American Council of Exercise states that a person must burn a minimum of 350 to 450 calories per session. You must participate in such 3 sessions every week.


As our body adapts things easily, you need to try out other cardiovascular exercises on alternate days. You can go for jogging, a morning run, swimming, cycling, power walking, etc. Further, you can try weight exercises as well on the alternate days. This might speed up the weight loss procedure. Although, all of it is a waste if you fail to maintain a strict diet. You can consult a nutritionist for a healthy diet plan for weight loss.


Dieting tips for weight loss

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Here are some tips for you to lose weight. As Zumba is a high-intensity activity, this requires loads of energy to invest in it. Your body cannot produce energy by itself. For this purpose, you need to follow a proper healthy diet.


  1. Whole grains are very important. Don’t forget to fill your plate with it. You can have brown rice, oats, quinoa, etc.
  2. Empty carbs such as pasta, cookies, white bread, etc must be strictly avoided.
  3. Lean protein such as egg whites, fish, tofu and chicken must be a part of your everyday meals.
  4. Fruits and vegetables are equally important.
  5. Eat a meal or some healthy snacks after every 2 to 3 hours of the last meal. It will keep your energy levels high.


How to do Zumba?


Zumba gained lots of popularity in both eastern and western countries. People involved in this high-intensity activity for various reasons apart from weight loss. A lot of gyms across the world offer Zumba classes. It is a part of the fitness system along with cardio training, weight training, power yoga, etc. Zumba is very easy to perform and you will get many tutorial videos posted over the internet on Zumba. There are online Zumba classes as well. There isn’t much equipment or space required to perform this activity.


Other benefits of Zumba


We often stick to those things which we enjoy the most. For instance, if you love to play cricket, you won’t play football. Similarly, if you like performing Zumba you will enjoy it every time. Here is a list of other benefits of Zumba.


  1. Zumba is a core strengthening exercise which strengthens the midsection of your body.
  2. It helps in improving heart health.
  3. Zumba enhances your dance movement and coordination.
  4. It helps in dealing with mood swings.
  5. Zumba provides you with loads of energy.
  6. It also helps you to control the amount of energy you invest in an activity.


To conclude, Zumba is a great option to not only lose weight but to stay fit and healthy. It also allows you to maintain your heart health.


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