Some Tips And Best Exercises To Improve Bone Health

best exercises to improve bone health

Health has been a major concern these days for all the people around the globe, and it has been for various types of health-related concerns. Over time people have learned that each and every body part that they own needs to be well taken care of. But, sometimes, in some health-related scenarios, common people are not very well aware of the tips and also the exercise routine which they should follow. So, here, we will discuss the tips and also some best exercises to improve bone health. 

If you are concerned for your bone health, then there is so much you can do about it. But, for getting the desired results, it is very important for you to see to it that all of it is done in the right manner.

best exercises to improve bone health

Best exercises to improve bone health 

Here is the list of best exercises to improve bone health

1. Weight handling exercise 

This is one exercise routine that is done on the feet; you need to make your feet take your body weight. The list of weight handling exercises includes jogging, basketball, dance, netball, and other such activities. Weight lifting would be the best thing for you to do if you wish to improve your bone health. 

 2. Yoga

There are several studies and researches which you can check online, and there you will see proof of how yoga is one of the exercises to improve bone health. Various Yoga exercises and poses help us in increasing and improving the mineral density of the bones. Yoga is known to keep your most fracture-prone bones, such as the wrist, spine, and hips, healthy and in good condition. 

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 3. Walking faster than usual

Yes, this is the easiest and the oldest of all the exercises that you do. Walking at a faster rate will not only help you with calorie burning and the process of weight loss, but also it will be of help with the process of improving your bone health. So, walking regularly for a while as part of your exercise routine will keep you less prone to fractures in the hips.

 4. Playing Golf

Well, you may not realize it, but playing golf is nothing but a type of weight-handling exercise. It is good for your upper body parts. Also, as you will be running around and chasing the ball, it will be a good physical activity for your hip bones and spine. 

best exercises to improve bone health

 5. Dance 

Dance is not just a form of art. It is also a form of physical activity that can help you with the maintenance of your fitness. The process of dance actually makes your heart pump blood in a lot of manners, and this is something that helps with the building of strong bones.

So, this is the list of best exercises to improve bone health, but other than this, there are some more additional tips also which are very helpful for bone health. Here, further, in the blog, we will also discuss those tips for the ease of the readers. 


Additional tips to improve bone health

Given below is the list of those additional tips to follow along with an exercise routine for improved bone health 

1. No Smoking

If you are involved in smoking, then you need to stop that, as there is always a higher risk of losing the bone density there. Also, it is seen that smokers are not very good at balancing, so they are always at a higher risk of falling down and breaking their bones. 

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2. Limit alcohol intake

Also, there has to be a limit to your alcohol intake. More alcohol intake may lead to calcium absorption or vitamin D absorption-related issues in the body. 

3. Go for canned seafood

If you love the food coming from the sea, then canned seafood such as Salmon can make your bones strong. 

best exercises to improve bone health

4. Add calcium supplement to your diet 

You should have a proper calcium supplement added to your diet plan. Calcium always makes it easy for you to make your bones more strong.  

5. Try to work on your vitamin D intake

If you are working on the improvement of your bone health, then it is essential for you to take more vitamin D. It is so because other than calcium, vitamin D is another source that helps in the maintenance of stronger bones. You should be exposing yourself to the sun for a few minutes in order to get the required amount of Vitamin D.  

6. Add nuts, beans, and leafy green veggies to your diet

All of this should be there in your regular diet if you wish to improve your bone health. All of these are important because they are all very good sources of calcium and essential nutrients. We have already discussed above how important is the intake of calcium and vitamin D for the improvement and proper maintenance of bone health. 



 So, here we discussed everything related to the exercise routine which should be followed. Along with that, also we have discussed other tips that can be helpful for the improvement of bone health. These are all proven best exercises to improve bone health. The other tips that are given here to follow are also well tried and tested. You can also turn to your gym trainer for any required advice related to the exercises or anything related to the diet plan.  


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