Health and Fitness Should be at the Core of Our Existence

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If you want to live your life, you are going to need your health, there can never be any argument on it. To every life form, their fundamental obligation is their survival; positive health is the primary determinant of successful survival. However, as we started to explore different aspects and horizons of civilization, we got distant from our base element -health.

We put so much importance to our career, passion, financial security, relationships, self-actualization and so on. Which in their own ways deserve their own just due to Attention. However, in lieu of pursuing these secondary elements of life, we ignore the bedrock element -health & fitness. Concepts like urbanization, globalization and digitalization, have distant us from our rudiments and infected the roots of our health making it shaky of sustenance. In present times, improper fitness regulations, have such deeply polluted our lifestyle -that getting rid of it has become a must.

Now people are not necessarily unaware of the importance of preserving their health, they simply lack the motivation. When it’s an issue of education and awareness, redemption is easy, however, when motivation is at short -solutions are few. It is often said, that results are the best motivators. Hence, if we are to be motivated to fix our fitness, we need to start seeing our efforts bearing fruits. However, we have ignored our fitness and health for so long, that we have forgotten the basic steps toward fitness. Once again, we try to seek quick fixes, easy remedies and commercialized fitness regimes, to fix our health. Surely enough, we find ourselves failing in finding a tiny shred of benefit. Eventually, we get exhausted, lose motivation and give up.

The right path to fitness

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If you turn to the internet for your fitness plans, you will receive nothing but confusion. You will find plenty of diet plans including, Keto diet, low-carb diet, Atkins diet, Stillman diet, Paleo diet and it keeps continuing to an eternity. The issue is that all of these diets work in general, however, which is going to work on you -the internet will never know. Similar concerns surround the aspect of the workout. In Addition, the workout is best effective under supervision. Without a guide to tell you where you are going wrong -you might find your exercises backfiring.  Hence, if you wish to tread on the right path to fitness, you will need to concern yourself with three essential elements. Finding the right combination of nutrition, exercise and sleep, having consistency to your efforts and being accountable for your efforts.

Most people who fail at fitness is because of their lack of comprehensiveness. Remember, your body doesn’t function on one single aspect. Every fitness influencing activity has its own unique influence on your body. If you think you can selectively elect few activities, and leave out the rest -your fitness will always be incomplete. You need to make your lifestyle such that in aggregate it supports and promotes fitness. If you think you can simply rely on your nutrition -you will b wrong. And if you think you can solely rely on exercises -you will be wrong as well. Further, the comprehensiveness goes much beyond nutrition and exercise. You will need rest to heal, you will need guidance for motivation, you will need to avoid food that dampens your efficiency and you will have to avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits.

When it comes to food, people often commit the mistake of choosing a specific diet, for example, low carb or high protein. It is a mistake if general overall fitness is your aim. What you should aim at is structuring a diet that sufficiently contains all 9 essential nutrients. Note that each of nine essential nutrients serves a specific purpose to your anatomy. For example, Vitamin C is essential to strong immunity and overall body growth and development, Vitamin B-12 is essential to bone health and neural health, carbohydrate is essential in generating bodily energy, sodium is essential for mind-body co-ordination and potassium is essential to balance of minerals in the body. It is not just a lean body you are looking for, but a physically fit one. And physical fitness of the body, refers to a state when all biological functions of your body are carried out in a fashion they are meant to be.

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Consistency is yet another factor at play. When most people start a fitness regime, they do so with a speculated start and end time on the mind. The problem is, fitness doesn’t work that way -it is a lifelong process. Hence, whenever you plan a fitness regime, you must discard short term plans and settle for long terms ones. Finally, comes the question of accountability.

Accountability in itself doesn’t produce any ends, but, it makes way for organization, discipline and punctuality, which effectively fetches success. Dr. Derek Alessi of Alessi Fitness, A Physiotherapist by profession, emphasizes this aspect of accountability. He stretches on the point that, when you have an expert guiding you throughout the process, to whom you will be accountable for your efforts, you will find extra motivation to push harder. And with a constant check on your efforts, you will be effective, consistent and disciplined.

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