3 Tips For Working On Your Health While At The Office

3 Tips For Working On Your Health While At The Office

Many people are under the misconception that your health and fitness has to suffer if you work a full-time office job. Because those who work in an office often find themselves sitting inside for eight or so hours a day, some assume that this lifestyle is destined to negatively impact your health. However, if you put in a little effort and make smart choices throughout the day, you can get yourself healthy even while working your office job. To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for working on your health while at the office.

Practice Good Office Ergonomics

If you sit at a desk all day for your office job, your first concern might be that you’re not getting enough physical activity. However, what you should really be worried about concerning your health is the stress and strain that staying seated and doing repetitive movements can put on your body. To help you address these issues, the Mayo Clinic recommends that you learn how to practice good office ergonomics. This includes having the right chair to support your body, setting up your workspace so you can use your accessories in the most natural way for your body, and taking breaks to rest and stretch at regular intervals. Once you have an ergonomically correct desk area, you’ll be well on your way to better health already.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Most people are chronically dehydrated. But in order for your body to stay healthy and function the way it should, it’s vital that you drink the right amount of water each day. Luckily, this can easily be done even with an office job. To help you start creating this healthy habit at work, WebMD recommends setting alarms throughout the day to remind you to fill up your water bottle and get to drinking. By doing this, you’ll not only keep yourself more hydrated, but you’ll be able to fight off fatigue that often comes on in the afternoon.

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Get Away From Your Desk As Often As You Can

In addition to not eating too many snacks while you’re working and try to get fresh air on a daily basis, another healthy habit you should try to include in your office life is to get away from your desk as often as you can. By walking around as often as possible, Margo Gladys, a contributor to Mind Body Green, shares that you’ll be able to burn more calories while also giving your mind and body a break. So take a phone call while walking, make extra trips to the copier, or chat with a coworker rather than sending an email to get yourself up and away from your desk more often.

If you want to start being healthier but feel that this isn’t possible due to spending eight or more hours a day at your office job, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to get and stay fit.

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