10 Tips for Speedy Muscle Recovery After Your Workout

10 Tips for Speedy Muscle Recovery After Your Workout

It’s time to stop wasting time on your goals.

Starting a consistent workout routine is never easy, but it’s always rewarding. Not only can you lose weight, but you are also building strength, discipline, and endurance. Setting attainable goals and constantly working towards them is important.

During your fitness journey, it’s also important to keep muscle recovery in mind. If you don’t recover, your body will ache, and it will discourage you from working out again. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can experience a speedy recovery.

Below are 10 tips for muscle recovery. Make sure you keep reading to feel your best while becoming your best.

1. Let’s Roll

One of the best ways to boost muscle recovery is to do some foam rolling on your body. It may look silly at first, but trust us, the result is totally worth it! Plus, foam rollers are affordable.

After a hard-hitting workout, take it to the floor with your foam roller. It’ll help prevent a build up of lactic acid and leave you feeling loose. Not only does it help with muscle soreness, but it also improves flexibility and prevents injury.

2. Drink Up

It may seem too simple to be true, but drinking plenty of water is perfect for workout recovery. During a workout, you’re sweating a ton. This causes your body to lose fluid.

Even though you should be properly hydrating before and during a workout, fueling up afterward is also a good idea. It’ll replace what you lost, and the water improves bodily functions.

We could go on and on about the benefits of water, but you probably already know. If you’re an extremely active athlete or complete heavy hitting workouts, make sure to keep water by your side all the time.

3. Ice, Ice Baby

Yes, it might be painful and uncomfortable, but ice baths work miracles for muscle recovery. Set yourself up with one, take a deep breath, and sink in for relief.

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The ice helps with inflammation and swelling in your muscles. Many athletes swear by ice baths so it has to be good, right? We think so.

Ice water is also good for specific aggravated spots on your body. Did you twist your ankle a bit today on your run? Just dunk it in some ice for 10 minutes.

You don’t need any special equipment for this tip either. Purchase a bag of ice and pour it into your own bathtub. Fill the tub up with water and enjoy.

4. Know Your Limits

Some people are so eager to jump-start their fitness journey and overdo the workout. It’s great to complete intense workouts, but make sure you are listening to your body the whole time.

Muscle recovery takes place when you aren’t placing an abnormal amount of stress on the body during the workout. Know your limits, and work up to where you want to be.

While you become stronger, remain patient. Strength doesn’t come overnight so don’t be discouraged. If you have any questions, talk to a personal trainer.

5. Sleep Tight

This is one of the easiest and best tips we have! Get plenty of sleep. We know all of you are busy with work, school, and families.

Sleep not only helps you mentally improve, but it also speeds up muscle recovery. During a peaceful night of sleep, your body will produce growth hormones that help with the repair of tissue.

Plus, this is a perfect excuse to go to bed an hour early. Tell everyone you need to recover from your workout and prevent yourself from fatigue.

6. Grab Some CDB

Before you have a mini freakout, CDB does not get you high and is legal. CDB helps with muscle recovery in a variety of ways and promotes ultimate relaxation.

CBD comes in a variety of application techniques such as sprays or supplements. Find a way that fits your lifestyle. It’s great for fighting inflammation and promotes mental relaxation and sleep.

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Or, if you’re more interested in investing in it than using it yourself, check out the best cannabis stocks.

7. Rid Yourself of Stress

Stress in small doses, such as workouts, is okay for your body. What’s not okay is long-term stress such as worrying about your boss, school, or an unhealthy relationship. Chronic stress takes a toll on recovery.

There are plenty of ways to help reduce chronic stress. Start meditating or find a new hobby. Practice positive self-talk and learn breathing exercises.

8. Eat Right

When trying to lose weight, food doesn’t have to be your enemy. In fact, it should be used to provide nutrition and flavor to your life. Nutrition is key during muscle recovery.

After heavy workouts, make sure to fuel up on some protein. Protein helps rebuild muscle tissue and provides a foundation for many hormones and cells. You can find plenty of protein in things such as chicken, peanut butter, and your favorite post-gym protein shake.

9. Take a Day Off

We know you’re excited to be on this fitness path, but taking a day off here and it’s necessary for recovery. You don’t have to be going 100 mph at all times.

Before the week starts, lay out a schedule for your workouts. Take one or two days off throughout the week to allow for optimal muscle recovery. If you insist on still being active on those days, go for a stroll around the neighborhood or do some gentle yoga.

10. Spa Day

One of the best ways to reward yourself and practice workout recovery is having a spa day, complete with a massage.

A massage will work out any knots in your muscles and leave you feeling relaxed.

Practice Muscle Recovery

Working out brings so many benefits such as improved mental state, higher endurance, and increased strength. While on your workout journey, make sure to practice muscle recovery.

Allowing time for muscle recovery will prevent energy and leave you more encouraged to complete more workouts. Sometimes it’s as simple as icing your muscles, sleeping an extra hour, and drinking lots of water.

If you need more exercise and health tips, make sure you check out the rest of our site.

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