The 30-Day cbdMD Challenge

The 30-Day cbdMD Challenge

This year, get right with your resolutions! Having a catalyst is key. That’s why we created the 30-Day cbdMD Challenge.

Start by choosing a specific area you’d like to improve in. Are you hoping to lose a few pounds? Live a cleaner, more natural lifestyle? Increase your energy or improve your overall quality of life? The 30-Day cbdMD Challenge can help you achieve your best self.

If you’ve been ‘on the fence’ about trying CBD, didn’t see the results you expected, or struggled to stay consistent in the past, the 30-Day cbdMD Challenge can change all of that.

With video FAQs and weekly emails for support, this challenge will help you optimize your CBD experience every single day.

Plus, just for participating, you’ll receive:

  • An exclusive 30% off coupon code (30DAY) to use on
  • A chance to have your story published in an upcoming issue of cbdMD’s newsletter.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Buy any 30-day supply of CBD products from
  2. Enter discount code 30DAY at checkout to get 30% off your purchase.
  3. Write down your wellness goal — do you want to feel less discomfort, enjoy better sleep, or tame tension and anxiety?
  4. Take your dosage of cbdMD at the same time every day. Adjust (increase/decrease) your dosage accordingly.
  5. Track your daily progress in a notebook or online journal. Describe how you’re feeling and what results you’ve seen and experienced that day. (we recommend at least 14 consecutive days to allow the CBD to work its magic)
  6. At the end of 30 days, visit our 30-Day Challenge page to submit your story. The best part – your 30-Day Challenge starts whenever you’re ready!

>>Act fast – your 30% savings EXPIRES January 31st at midnight! And while you’re at it, tell a friend. There’s strength in numbers!

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READ  While I apologize profusely about the lack of post updates this week, we've been incredibly occupied attending to the kiddies after their incompetent father decided to bring home a lily plant for Easter this past weekend. A couple days in the clinic and countless amounts of energy and worry later, we have them home and on subcutaneous IV fluids for a few days to bring their kidney levels back to normal. I was apparently too dense to understand the toxicity associated with cats and lily plants. Fortunately, #shefitness caught them in the act immediately and we were able to begin treatment within 2 hours of the incident. Praying for and tending to the kitties speedy and robust recovery over these next couple weeks. Sometimes we think we know our own bodies so well and we completely forget about the wellbeing of others. I just hope they can forgive me someday. #heandshefitness #roadtorecovery #cutecats #healingcats

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