A guide to nootropics

A guide to nootropics

Students looking to boost their mental capacity during exam time, and workers looking for enhanced support during a large project or period of work pressure, are turning more and more to Nootropics – a type of substance which is known to boost the brain function.

Nootropics can be either natural or synthetic and are also known to help improve the memory and boost concentration levels. They can also be used to improve your motivation, enhance focus and boost mood.

They are not pharmaceutical drugs and can be easily purchased so make sure you know the difference between these and so called smart drugs which are actually pharmaceuticals and not the same thing.

Here are the five things which a true nootropic substance will be able to do, which is how you can distinguish them from other synthetic drugs:

  • Enhance your memory skills and improve your ability to learn
  • Support brain function
  • Protects the brain from toxins
  • Boost your cognitive processes
  • Is non-toxic, non-stimulant and non-depressive

As the market for nootropics grows, there are other names which people use for them, so to avoid confusion here is a list of some of the other names which are also used to describe them:

  • brain drugs
  • brain supplements
  • cognitive enhancers
  • intelligence enhancers
  • neuroceuticals
  • memory enhancers
  • neuro-enhancers

How do Nootropics Work?

Now you know all the different names they can be found under, let’s look at how Nootropics actually work and what they do to your brain – so that you can assess the impact they might have on you before you decide to go ahead.

Nootropics can be either synthetic or natural but they have the same effect on your brain. They are able to influence your brain-waves; they affect your cerebral blood flow, your hormones, and your neurotransmitters.

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They have been known to have positive impacts on users after they stop taking them as well, helping to keep moods positive and emotions up.

Are there side-effects and are they addictive?

No, true nootropics are safe and generally non-addictive. They also have very few side effects and don’t create any kind of withdrawal symptoms. This is why it’s important to make sure what you are taking are true nootropics and not smart drugs as the pharmaceutical versions cannot make the same claims in terms of side effects and addictive risk.

Do they actually work?

Yes, there have been many clinical studies and reviews but how well they work really depends on the person and the nootropic as it can vary enormously. People, who have used them in the studies, have commonly reported they have enhanced abilities in:

  • Understanding and remembering complicated information
  • Ability to learn much more quickly
  • More positive emotions and moods
  • Drop in anxiety levels

There is no doubt they work but the effects they have do vary from person to person so you should do some research and read all of the latest studies if you want to come at them from a position of knowledge and understanding – there are literally decades worth of published studies to choose from.

What is the Best Nootropic?

There are a lot of variables when considering a nootropic. It depends on your situation and what you want to achieve ultimately. If you are a student looking to improve your focus, or a businessman looking to improve memory, then you might need different nootropics.

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While all nootropics work in a similar way, we need to bear in mind that our brains can be chemically different and wired differently so what works well for one person could work in a totally different way on someone else.

It’s a case of trial and error – there is no magic pill to fix everything – so do your research and have a look at all of the reviews and comments made about each nootropic option before deciding on the one for you. You can find reviews of some of the best nootropics available at SportzBits.

Remember, your cognitive function can also be influenced by external things such as your environment and your diet, so make sure you take everything into account before making your choice.

Also, be sure you understand the difference between nootropics and so called smart drugs which are pharmaceutical products offering a similar effect but be aware these are completely different so always check out the ingredients so you can be sure about what it is you are taking.

If you want to enhance your cognitive function, improve your focus, increase your learning speed and improve your memory then nootropics could be the way to go and will certainly give you less unpleasant side effects than trying to down six cups of coffee.

Do your research and understand what it is you want to achieve, so that you can match the right nootropic to your particular needs. Remember, the impact can vary from person to person but overall they will all help to enhance cognitive function.

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