Tips for Preparing for Pilates Courses Melbourne Trainees Should Know

Tips for Preparing for Pilates Courses Melbourne Trainees Should Know

Pilates is considered a top fitness method around the world. For decades, more and more people have been discovering this excellent stress busting activity, and this has increased the demand for professional Pilates teachers. If you’re thinking about the possibility of becoming an instructor and tackling some pilates teacher training courses, you’ll need to get prepared. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you get started.

Understand the Path

Although you may have enjoyed a Pilates class or two, don’t be fooled into thinking that being an instructor is a relaxed and easy career. Training as an instructor takes considerable tuition dollars, time and a genuine commitment. If you’re serious about this rewarding career, you’ll need to take some time to explore the different training options and look at the practical realities of the task of being a Pilates instructor.

Think About Whether You’re a People Person

A critical element of Pilates instruction is communication. Verbal, kinesthetic and visual communication takes place between clients and instructors continually. This makes Pilates an interactive and intimate experience. While you don’t necessarily need to be outgoing to be a Pilates instructor, you will need to fully engage with your students. This means that you’ll need to be patient and be prepared to touch students to correct poses and provide full instruction. So, if the idea of touching someone’s feet or their sweaty back repulses you, you may need to re-evaluate.

Consider If You’d Like to Teach

Teaching is a discipline that requires dedication. You need to consider if you’re enthusiastic about practicing Pilates or are genuinely interested in teaching. Being an instructor requires plenty of attention and energy focused on others. In fact, a common complaint is that if you’re teaching a Pilates course, Melbourne instructors have difficulty doing Pilates themselves. Becoming an instructor may mean that you’re working out less, rather than enjoying the practice of Pilates more frequently.

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Are You Attracted to Pilates Deeper Philosophies?

As a participant in a Pilates class, you can take or leave the different aspects of Pilates. However, when you commit to Pilates teacher training courses, you have a responsibility to understand the full depth of the Pilates method including the body/mind integrative aspect. You’ll also need to understand the history, culture and exercise physiology of the method.

Appreciate the Need for Self Motivation

Although an ideal scenario would be that you’ll get hired by a studio, full time with benefits as soon as you qualify, this is not likely. It is more common that you’ll need to start part time and gradually build up private clients and classes. Depending on where you live, you may need to do lots of self promotion to launch your career, and this requires immense self motivation. If the idea of starting your own business does not appeal to you, you may struggle with this career path.

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