7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat

7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat brocolli

In bodybuilding, it is very important to focus on your diet. The food that you eat will determine the amount of energy you will have for your workout. This is why experts would recommend a specific diet for people who are into this kind of activity. Your aim is to lose fats and build muscles. This is not really easy and this is the reason why you need the assistance of the food that you are eating.

Folic acid is one of the major nutrients that your body needs. Before we discuss its importance, let us first consider folic acid vs folate. These two are both B vitamins. Folate can be found in some foods and sometimes it is available as a supplement. You need this certain nutrient to enhance the growth of cells and to improve metabolism. On the other hand,  a folic acid is a synthetic form of vitamin B9. You will usually find it in supplements or as an added part of cereals.

Here is a list of natural foods that contain a  great amount of folic acid:

7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat


This is considered as a superfood because of the nutrient that is contained. A cup of spinach contains 58.2 mcg of folate. Aside from that, it also has low-calorie content. Aside from the great amount of folic acid, it also contains iron, protein and other vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin and your bone. Aside from people who are regularly working out, this is also a great food for those who have diabetes. You can add spinach as an ingredient to different dishes.

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If you eat a half cup of broccoli, you are also getting 84 mcg of folate. This is why it is recommended for bodybuilders and even pregnant women. Aside from that, there are other different reasons why you need to add this vegetable to your diet. First, it contains antioxidants that can help your body fight free radicals and it also contains fiber that aids in digestion. It can also improve your bone health. So instead of shoving the broccoli from your pizza or your salad, consider consuming enough amount of this nutritious food daily.

7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat


For every piece of large egg, you will get 24 mcg of folate. This is why you will see that most bodybuilders are adding this to their sandwich or snack. The egg is a source of different nutrients and essential vitamins. It contains protein and it has a lower amount of cholesterol and fats. The egg white alone is already a great source of vitamin D, B12, B6 and other minerals including iron, copper, and zinc.


You will get 54 mcg of folate from one serving of avocado. Instead of eating processed food and dairy products, you can switch to an avocado diet. It is a source of healthy fats and it can be a great help in lessening the risk of different diseases such as diabetes, obesity and other heart-related diseases. It can help lower your weight and increase your energy when you workout.

7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat bananas


One serving of banana, which is equivalent to 1 cup, contains 45 mcg of folate. It is a source of vitamin B6 that helps the body fight different diseases. It is heavyweight because of the essential vitamins and minerals that are found in it. You can get enough calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese,  and riboflavin from bananas.

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7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat papaya


A cup of sliced papaya is equivalent to 53 mcg of folate. It has several benefits for the body and the most common is the improvement of digestion. It helps in preventing gastrointestinal tract disorder and other related infections. People who are experiencing arthritis and diabetes are also recommended to add this to their diet. It can boost your immunity and help in weight loss.

7 Folic Acid Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Definitely Eat almonds

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are the greatest sources of folate. Flaxseeds are the highest when it comes to folate content because one cup contains 146 mcg. Sunflower seeds and almonds are also great alternatives. The great thing about these seeds is that they can be consumed raw. You can add these to your salad and you will get enough amount of folate. If you are looking for the source of healthy fats, seeds and nuts should be in your list. They are also great sources of protein, fiber and vitamin E.

The natural foods enumerated above are not only good because of the folate content but also because of the health contributions they can provide for the body.

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