The Easy, Fun Way to Spring Clean Your Deck or Patio

The Easy, Fun Way to Spring Clean Your Deck or Patio

It is very easy to bring your patio and deck back to life and make them shine that missed you all the winter. These simple tricks will help you to have little fun in the sunlight and clean and invigorate everything from yard stains to mildewed umbrellas. Once you’re done, you won’t perceive your own particular deck.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washer or power washing a deck or patio is much more efficient than scrubbing by hand .In the case if you don’t have a pressure washer you are missing a very great tool .they remove any obstacle to prevent the things from tangling and tripping .It also cleans the nearby plants and sweep away the loose works with the grain of the wood to spray the detergent off from the deck or patio. They are much cheaper in price now a days so it is easy to get one.

Also the companies have put the cost down as they were before making this better for cleaning and fun. Now the washer come in different setting that can be used for applying cleaning chemicals then you can do the high pressure cleaning .Apply a wood cleaner with low pressure soap nozzle. And apply the liquid detergent from top to the bottom. There pressure ranges from 1500 to 200 psi it can be gas or electric .And it can perform many cleaning tasks like decks, plants, umbrellas .Furniture etc.

It don’t works on those please that are in direct contact with the sunlight or the ones that are hot. Some of the models have an option of rotating scrub brush for the stained or dirty spots.

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The daily rent for a washer ranges from 45$-70$

Caution: Always remember that pressure washer pump must be connected with the water supply pump connected and it is turned on .And give the pressure washer a rest after some time since it can get hot. And also remove the liquid from the pump when you have used it for proper storage.

Garden hose

In case if you don’t use a power washer then you can rely on you stander garden hose  you can attach  spray bottle  not mixing it just attach it to the end it will be full of enjoy. It will saturate you composite with the solution. Clean and spray the stains from all type of is designed for cleaning those parts which are tough to clean and it works very good on any type of deck. Also add 1:10 Bleach: Water to remove algae and to avoid the mosquito breeding there

Since you got you water device here are hints to make this activity easier.

Patio umbrella

Besides all the other furniture and stuff in your patio there is another piece of furniture that seek so much attention and make your patio more beautiful: the patio umbrella it makes your patio more beautiful if you buy an umbrella from From hot summer to the strong winds these umbrella are exposed to all weather conditions and when you open it first time in spring don’t get surprised to see the spiders and dirt. Wash them off with your garden hose using scrub brush to wipe away as much mold as you can. Finally put it back and let it dry in sun.

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Outdoor furniture

Is your plastic-mesh grass furniture looking grimy? Before you put it curbside, take a try washing it with some detergent blended with 3/2 cup bleach in 1 gallon (3.7 liters) water. Wash it perfectly and put it aside to dry.

Patio Pavers

Knowing bleach and how intense it will be, it can be utilized to remove stains from anything. Since pavers are for the mostly made of solid, bleach can be a decent method to expel stains from them, if it applied correctly. Diluting the bleach is important if you need to secure the color of your pavers.

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