Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Install Your Hot Tub

Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Install Your Hot Tub sauna

When purchasing a hot tub one of the first decisions you will need to make is where you will install it. There are many options available, however, there are several factors you should consider first. Below, we will take a look at how to choose an installation site for your hot tub’s delivery.

Indoor or Outdoor

Although outdoor hot tubs are very popular, many people choose to install inside of their home instead. Outside, a hot tub can become the focal point of your backyard, and indoors, they can be incorporated into a home gym or spa area with a sauna. Depending on your lifestyle and how you plan on using your hot tub can help you decide whether an indoor or outdoor installation is best for you.


Considering the privacy of your hot tub location is another important factor. If it is installed in your backyard in an open area, you may feel exposed to neighbors. By building an enclosure or choosing a location that has some natural landscaping coverage such as near trees or shrubs, you may feel more comfortable while relaxing in your hot tub.


Installing your hot tub close to your home is convenient as well as easily accessible. Especially on days which may have cooler temperatures or rain, a short walk to reach your hot tub will be appreciated. In addition, the further the hot tub is located from your home can increase the chance of dirt and debris being tracked into the tub as well as the potential to have to pay more for installation wiring costs.

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As the sun’s position can shift throughout the year, you will want to choose a location that will have the best coverage in every season. Knowing where the sunny and shady spots are in your yard can help you determine where the best location will be. Some hot tub owners love being directly in the sun and surround their hot tub with lounge chairs for sunbathing and others prefer a shady area or one that has a steady breeze while they are soaking in warm water.


Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Install Your Hot Tub pergola

Before making the decision where to install your hot tub make sure that you are certain that there is adequate space. If your hot tub will be surrounded by a deck or patio area, ensure that there is a logical and comfortable entry and exit area for bathers. Also, consider the position of surrounding trees and plants as leaves or pollen can easily be blown into the water. If your location will be by several trees, make sure to invest in a quality hot tub cover and keep it in place whenever the tub is not being used. Also consider the existing pathways, lighting or other yard structures and if they will need to be moved or removed in order to install your hot tub.

Hot tubs are incredibly versatile when it comes to choosing an installation site.  By considering the various factors above that affect your location before deciding where to install your hot tub will ensure that you choose an ideal location that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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