What kind of pillows should you use?

What kind of pillows should you use?

So, you have decided to purchase a new pillow?

A pillow could make all the difference between a night spent tossing and turning around a night where you had a great sleep.

Based on your unique sleeping needs

Side sleeper pillows

A firm side sleeper is not very difficult to find and gives you great comfort when asleep. Pregnant women would find side sleeping pillows especially comfortable when they have to adjust their weight and sleep without experiencing too much pain.

Others suffering from back pain need a firm pillow –the need which can be met with a memory foam pillow to support their back when sleeping

Pillows for neck pain

For those ailing with cervical pain, cervical pillows that provide a soft touch and firmness is preferred.

The next degree of categorization is based on what’s the pillow made of.

Start with what’s inside the pillow

The most common materials used inside pillows are polyester fibre filling, foam filling, down feather filling and so on.

Some of them aren’t fit for everyone  because they induce allergies.

For all those who face allergies you should choose hypoallergenic pillows. Pillows that are made of goose down feathers are known for their comfort, durability and price and good for those with allergy.

Polyester fiber pillows are hypoallergenic, generally inexpensive and relatively comfortable. Shredded memory foam pillows are slightly on the expensive side but firmer and make good side sleepers.

But foam pillows are known to retain heat, so if you sweat easily we suggest you shy away.

Consider thread counts

Another factor of note is the thread count of the pillow. Higher the thread higher the durability and higher the feel of plushness you get from the pillow. Most pillows start with 300 thread count and are affordable at that range.

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But higher you go with the thread count the higher the cost goes and more plush it feels.

A compromise between luxury and cost effectiveness is met at 500 to 600 thread count.

The fluff factor

Another factor that interests a lot of people is how fluffy the pillow is. A fluffy pillow offers better cushioning and also sits firm throughout its life. Low quality pillows begin to deflate after you lay your head over it twice or thrice but that doesn’t happen with higher quality fluffier pillows.

Air travels through it and air pockets are created and maintained. This also removes heat that builds up around your head and neck and effectively dissipates the heat.


The pillow you ultimately choose should depend on the comfort it gives you and based on your unique sleeping needs.

Side sleepers would benefit with a firm pillow. Back sleepers need something more fluffy and firm.


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