How to design your perfect morning routine

How to design your perfect morning routine

All of us are going to have a different morning routine. This is only natural as we are all different and do different things at different times. Some people like to work out in the morning while others prefer an afternoon or evening workout. Regardless of what you prefer a good morning routine will get you ready for the day.

With a structured morning routine you will notice that your stress levels and anxiety will lower and you will enjoy your days more. Finding the right routine for you may take a bit of tweaking from the time you get out of bed and the activities you do before going to work. One thing you shouldn’t do is to try and cram lots of things in before work.

Early morning is a great time for quiet reflection or meditation and to set yourself for the day.

Make a bedtime routine first

 First you need to take care of the evening right before bed. Put your phone in the lounge room, don’t take it to bed. Read a book or try a crossword puzzle. This is much more relaxing for our brains than staring at a screen.

 Don’t drink coffee right before bed as it is a stimulant. Of course some people do and it has little effect on them but on the whole a drink of water or herbal tea is a better option.

Do some breathing exercises and clear your mind or listen to a podcast or a talking book.

Some gentle stretches before bed can get you in a relaxed state and ready for sleep.

Set a bed time and stick to it. It will be much easier to get up next morning if you have a set time for bed.

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Your morning routine

There are a few things that we can all add to a morning routine regardless of other activities we choose to do.

  • Make your bed as soon as you get up- this sounds obvious but lots of people don’t do it. Straighten and tidy your bed and bedroom so it is clutter free for your that night’s sleep.
  • Say hello to the day by opening the curtains or blind and letting the light stream into your bedroom.
  • Drink a glass of water. This will rehydrate your body after a nights’ sleep and you will soon notice a difference after just a few days.

Morning routine options

There are many different things you can add to a morning routine depending on whether you have a garden or indoor plants, a dog or other pet. Below is a short list of activities you can choose from. Choose whatever fits into your time of a morning and what suits your lifestyle.

  • Try adding a short meditation to your routine. This will settle your body and mind and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. If you have no idea where do start there are lots of how to guides on the internet or self-help books to get you started.
  • If you like to exercise in the morning now is a great time to add a 10 minute work out to your routine. Include some stretches to get your muscles in the mood. Wear something comfortable that will protect your muscles as well. Listen to your favourite upbeat music while you exercise and sing along. Get a gym membership and do an early class if that is more your thing. It will get the blood flowing and you will feel more energised for your day.
  • If you have indoor plants or a garden now is a good time to water and take care of them. A few minutes every day and your plants will look healthy. This is an exercise that seems to clear our minds. Your mind can wander as you water your plants and remove spent flowers and dead leaves.
  • Have that morning coffee or cup of tea. Research has found that a cup of coffee is not that bad for you as long as you leave the sugar out. Try reduced fat milk if you like a latte or cappuccino.
  • Dig out your recipe books and find something tasty to cook for dinner or search for a yummy breakfast recipe that has you looking forward to getting up.
  • Early morning is a great time to take your dog for walk. There are less people about now and a walk in the park is a great way to start your day. While walking you can listen to a favourite talking book or catch up on those podcasts you keep meaning to listen to.
  • Read the paper with your morning coffee. Catch up on news and events, check out movie times and make an activity plan for the week.
  • Do the crossword puzzle with your coffee. Get your brain into gear with the cryptic or stick to the daily puzzle.
  • Do you have a hobby that 10 minutes can be help get you started? Maybe organise things for that afternoon or evening after work.
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Remember not to cram as much as possible into your morning. Go for a balance of things you like to do, put yourself in a good mood and your days will be happy with less anxiety and stress.

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