Get Taller with These Tips

Get Taller with These Tips

Several things go into determining the height of the person such as their genetics, nutrients that they receive hormones in their bodies, environment, and other health conditions. If a person has insufficiency of any of these, their growth rate may be started or abnormal resulting in short height. While many people write off height as something that cannot be changed or as ‘fate’, you can easily influence and boost the growth rate by several activities and supplements. You can follow any personal blog on gaining height which would give you detailed information on these activities as well as inspirations, experiences, and results of other people who have tried them.

Problems of Being Short

There are several problems that kids and adults of short height face in their daily lives which are embarrassing. These experiences negatively affect their confidence and outlook on life. Some of these experiences are:

  • Not being able to reach a shelf or a hook to hang their jackets;
  • Not being able to reach the top of the board in their classrooms;
  • Being grouped with younger children and assumed to be younger than they are;
  • Not being allowed on rides or other places, such as movies, other kids are allowed on because of not meeting the height requirement or people making an assumption about their age;
  • Getting the kids menu at restaurants;
  • Not being able to pull off the outfits like the other children their age because of lack of outfits in their sizes.
  • Being ignored by other people in case, they are in groups of people taller than them.

Personal blog on gaining height provides you suggestions to boost your growth rate and avoid these and many other humiliating experiences. Some of these suggestions include:

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Proper Research

This is especially important if you are a parent and are concerned about the height of your child. You need to know the average height of children for various age groups to determine if the growth rate of your child requires a boost. Once you have done your research on what the average height should be and are determined that your height or the height of your child is shorter than average, you should find a reliable personal blog on gaining height to understand the requirements of your body and how you can boost the growth rate.

Proper Nutrients

One of the most crucial elements of boosting growth rate is receiving adequate nutrients. This can be done from a healthy and balanced diet which includes all the necessary vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients to form a strong bone structure. Additionally, you can also take supplements in the forms of pills to get the recommended daily intake of these nutrients more easily.

Remain Hydrated

The importance of water cannot be overstated. In today’s life, it is ubiquitous for people not to take the recommended water intake. You need to avoid this if you want to boost your growth rate. The recommended daily intake of water ranges from 9 cups to 14 cups of water, depending on your gender and age. To ensure that you regularly drink water, you should carry a sturdy water bottle with you and keep filling it up once it is empty. This would not only help you stay hydrated but also cut down on any additional expenses of buying water bottles every time you need a drink.

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Another neglected thing in your daily routine is sleep. You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily to maintain and boost your growth rate. It helps your body and brain to relax and regenerate healthy tissues, built and repair the cells. In addition to the hours of sleep that you get, it should also be consistent throughout the week. This means that you need to go to sleep and wake up at the same time daily. Your posture while sleeping also affects the growth rate. Studies have shown that sleeping on a firm mattress on your back with a pillow under your knees is the best way to boost your growth rate.


This is something that most people do not have time for. Physical activities are very important for the development of your body, as well as emotional well being. It doesn’t mean that you need to train hard every day but even an hour of walking or jogging can do wonders for maintaining your health and improving your growth rate. In addition to it, you should also try a minimum of 20 minutes of stretching every day.

In Conclusion,

Other than these, you can also check any leading personal blog for gaining height to look for the best height growth pills and supplements which would help you boost your growth rate through naturally derived nutrients. Height Gainers is one such blog by Brady Thomson who had a short height. In this blog, he writes about how you can overcome the challenges and get taller by following his personal experiences.

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