InstaFlex® Advanced: Joint Relief For Your Active Lifestyle

InstaFlex® Advanced: Joint Relief For Your Active Lifestyle

The health benefits of an active lifestyle are apparent to everyone, but exercise and even daily life become much harder when you’re struggling with discomfort and/or a lack of flexibility in your joints. InstaFlex Advanced is an innovative joint supplement formulated by a doctor to deliver incredible results without the adverse reactions associated with glucosamine treatments.

Get To Know The Doctor Behind InstaFlex

Unlike products that bribe a celebrity doctor to endorse them, Dr. David Katz was consulted at every step of the development process while InstaFlex Advanced was formulated. Dr. Katz is a world-renowned physician with multiple certifications (MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP) and particular expertise in nutrition, weight control, integrative medicine, and health challenge prevention. He has served as Director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center since founding the organization.

Dr. Katz generally advocated for the inclusion of ingredients validated by science to reduce joint discomfort and stiffness. He also placed a strong emphasis on choosing components that lack adverse side effects, making joint relief more accessible than it has ever been before.

What Exactly Is InstaFlex And How Does It Work?

There are a total of six active ingredients in the powerful InstaFlex Advanced formula. The two most important are called Boswellia Serrata Extract (in a proprietary form called ApresFlex) and UC-II Collagen.

In a recent clinical trial, ApresFlex was shown to produce noticeable results in as little as five days of use as directed. The benefits increased over the length of the 30-day trial, ultimately producing an improvement in overall joint comfort of 49 percent versus placebo. A second 90-day study followed, in which results were reported as early as day 7 and participants averaged 61 percent more comfort than those given a placebo after 90 days.

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Likewise, UC-II Collagen was tested against the standard joint remedy of glucosamine plus chondroitin and found to be superior. The first study gave a clear edge to UC-II in overall joint improvement, while the second showed it to be much more effective than placebo for relieving joint discomfort and soreness. Finally, UC-II beat glucosamine plus chondroitin again in a third study focusing specifically on patients with bad knees.

Best of all, UC-II is not sourced from shellfish the way glucosamine is. This means that even patients with a shellfish allergy can benefit from InstaFlex Advanced!

The other ingredients in InstaFlex Advanced, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric Extract, and Resveratrol, all serve to promote general well-being. BioPerine black pepper extract improves the absorption rates of the other ingredients to ensure that the human body reaps the greatest possible benefits from them.

What Is The Industry Saying About InstaFlex?

All of that adds up to a formula that works, generating a considerable buzz in the industry. For example, focused on the science behind the formula in their recent review. They discussed Dr. Katz’s impeccable credentials before delving into the details of each of the clinical trials cited above. If you’re interested in learning more about the science of InstaFlex Advanced, it’s worth a read!

Likewise, MorningHealthNews praises the formula for providing joint relief without the adverse side effects that competing products can cause. They go on to rate the product 95 out of 100 and five stars, making it a must-try for anyone looking to maintain a more active lifestyle.

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Where Can I Find InstaFlex

InstaFlex Advanced is available for purchase on its website ( as well as reputable retailers such as GNC, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe,, Vitamin World, and The Lucky Vitamin. If you prefer a brick-and-mortar experience when shopping for supplements, the product’s website has a convenient store locator to help you find a local retailer carrying it.

In conclusion, anybody looking for quick joint relief with no side effects should try doctor-formulated InstaFlex Advanced today!

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