Science-Based Dog Training – And The Inherent Flaws

Science-Based Dog Training – And The Inherent Flaws

Training a pet to inculcate some habits and routines in it which can be put in use had been a practice since early times. Since the very beginning of civilization, the most civilized animal, man has tried civilizing other animals too. Tamed animals have always been kept in discipline and control of the owner. Dogs particularly share a beautiful relationship with man since the very start. No question why it is titled the most faithful animal. Dogs are the best pets. They can guard you, protect you, love you and behave like a family. When pets are tamed they are trained to do certain tasks. When you train your dog particularly you are actually converting an unpredictable animal into a behaved companion. Dogs prove to be the friendliest, well behaved and useful animals if properly trained and kept well.

The training centers which were earlier known for pet dog trained have now stopped showing much success. This ultimately made it necessary to search for new techniques to train pet dogs and relieve the frustration of owners. The methods used earlier were harsh and involved inhuman punishments to the dogs to make the experience of having pet incredibly beneficial. With time the realization has dawned on people to put in use positive reinforcement if they wish to see positive behavior in their dog. Science based dog learning actually does the job.

The reality is science based dog training shows good results irrespective of the choice of training tools. It is the softest way to train them. Science based training of dog is all about training the dog on the basis of studies of its behavior and ability of learning. The word science in ‘science based dog training’ incorporates sciences of physics, nutrition, biology, psychology and veterinary science. The researches in these sciences contribute to great extent in training your pet dog to the dog of your dreams. This is the best way to train a dog because as soon as your dog gets to learn about the desired behavior, you can connect and communicate with it in your own way.

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Behavioral sciences have showed that animals, like humans, have the ability of learning and training and this process is accelerated in a positive environment. The harsh methods bring in fear which may have outcome in bringing positive response but soft and encouraging environment will bring positive behavior. Dogs these days are trained by the method of positive reinforcement only. Bomb sniffing dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs as well as dogs used by the police all have shown positive behavior under positive reinforcement. In this method the dogs are offered reward for obedience and this actually works well in stopping them to behave in a wild manner.

This methodology builds a great rapport between the owner and the pet. These techniques make your pet more usable like your pet dog can prove to be best barking dog alarm in case if any strange activities happen around you. The can inform you about any mishap by means of barks. They are great at protecting their master. If the dog is not well trained he is going to bark anyway. The unnecessary barking ends their use as a signal.


It also annoys people who live in neighboring areas and the owner himself. It is a nuisance to have untrained dogs. So the best decision as an owner is to get them trained at training centers which train dogs through positive reinforcement which brings behavioral responses and not the forced ones. After all, a well trained animal is no more an ‘animal’.

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