Best Dermatologist Tips For Radiant Skin

Best Dermatologist Tips For Radiant Skin

Looking beautiful is something that every woman desires. Having radiant, ageless skin comes as the most important part of it. Aging, lack of good skin care and exposure to pollution cause havoc on skin. In fact, these factors can leave your skin looking dry, dull and wrinkled. A dermatologist is someone who can help you restore the youth and beauty with the right skin care routine. Let us have a look at the best dermatologist tips for radiant and youthful skin:

1.Drink lots of water: The first and foremost suggestion that you will get is to keep your skin well hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to flush out the toxins and give your skin the suppleness it deserves. A cleaner gut means healthier skin and this is the reason that detoxification can work magic for your skin.

2.Eat right: Primarily, eating the right diet can be the mainstay of your skin care routine. Having plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with high antioxidant content is something that every dermatologist would recommend. When it comes to foods to avoid, the processed varieties and those with high glycemic index are to be ditched.

3.Use the best quality products: Whether it is skin care products or cosmetics, never compromise on quality. Always use the best quality products. Also, ensure that whichever product you use suits your skin type and does not cause any reaction. Try to look for ones that are made with natural ingredients rather than chemical ones.

4.Have a bedtime cleansing routine: Another tip that you will definitely get at any Atlanta Dermatology clinic is to have a bedtime routine and follow it religiously. Clean your face thoroughly with a cleanser to remove the dirt, oil and makeup. Wash it with a mild soap and water and follow up with a moisturizer and toner. Your skin gets the opportunity to rejuvenate itself during sleep and this is best done when it is thoroughly clean.

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5.Don’t take hot showers: A hot shower may feel great for the body and mind but it not be as good for your skin. Consistently taking hot showers robs your skin of the natural oils and leaves it dull and dry. Go for cooler showers and always moisturize your skin after the shower.

6.Never step out without sun protection: Exposure to harsh sunlight is the main reason of skin damage and premature aging. A dermatologist would suggest never stepping out without sun protection. They will prescribe a sunscreen with a suitable SPF and recommend applying it every single time you go out.

7.Limit your exfoliation: Skin exfoliation has a good reputation for cleansing the skin by removing the dead cells. However, dermatologists do not consider it as a great idea as it may do more harm than good. Too much scrubbing may abrade the skin and deprive it of the natural oils.

8.Use antioxidants locally: An antioxidant serum with vitamins C and E can prevent ageing and enhance the radiance of the skin. There are plenty of such products available in the market and your dermatologist would definitely prescribe one. These serums are capable of penetrating deep into the skin and enriching it from within.

9.Fight acne: Acne is usually an age-related problem that surfaces in youngsters. However, even older women can encounter bouts of acne. Fighting acne is another important aspect of prevention of premature skin aging. Your dermatologist would guide you about the right diet and skincare routine. She would also suggest the medications and ointments to counter acne.

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Getting professional advice and treatment can help you prevent aging and retain the radiance of your skin. Therefore, you should take up regular dermatological visits to look youthful and beautiful even as you age. Its important to look for the dermatologist in your area with good reviews and experience. Learn more about the Best Dermatologist in Malaysia

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