Splendid Skin Care Tips You Wish You Knew Before

Splendid Skin Care Tips You Wish You Knew Before

Be it summers or winters you cannot deny the fact that your skin needs constant care and attention for showing off its flawlessness on any given day. We have access to the web where information on anything in the world is available, and then we also have our elders to show us the way to beautiful skin. However, while looking at the small picture here, we forget to talk to the experts of this field- dermatologists. If you want to lessen your visits to the dermatologists by ensuring a healthy skin routine, take a look at the following skin secrets provided by the best skin specialists for radiant skin.

    1. Keep Exfoliation In Check

Undoubtedly, exfoliation works excellently in keeping your skin free from grime and opening your pores to breathe in fresh air. However, excessive exfoliation can lead your skin towards damage and ageing at a faster pace. For better results, use salicylic and glycolic acid at night for removing the dead skin from your face gently while giving it overnight time for repair.

    2. Rinse, Tone, Moisturise, Repeat

As we already know but don’t take much seriously rinsing, toning and moisturising are highly essential for proper skin care. Just like you brush your teeth every night, make it a habit of washing your face with a mild cleanser to get the whole day’s dirt off in seconds. Then tone your face for a subtle glow and for relaxing your skin and finally hydrate your skin with a mild moisturiser suiting your skin type. Specialists at Cosmetica Training advice that this routine should be followed every night for visible results within a few weeks.

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    3. Antioxidants Are Must

Aside from eating antioxidant-rich food, add some of it to your skin as well. Serums containing Vitamin C and Vitamin E are rich in antioxidants which when applied to your skin works well in preventing early anti-ageing. Also, antioxidant serums penetrate better into the skin which prevents discolouration and breakdown of collagen.

    4. Hydrate

Yes, drinking water is highly essential for glowing skin, but your skin needs more hydration than that for which you need the right serums. Fix your appointment with the best dermatologists at Cosmetica Training and let them help you find the right cream, serums, gels and face mists to keep your skin hydrated and fresh even on the go. Also, keep an eye on your diet and consume foods such as fruits and green vegetables for aiding hydration.

    5. Take Cool Showers

Warm showers do relax your body and calm your mind, but they also damage your facial skin slowly. Hot water is harsh on your skin which could lead to breakouts and dryness for which you will require dermatological attention. Take more cooling showers or bath with lukewarm water to prevent the erosion of your skin’s protective oils. If it has to be a hot shower, make it quick!

    6. Use Retinoid

Retinoid is miraculous for your skin. It improves collagen synthesis and reduces discolouration which eventually helps in smoothing out the skin texture and reducing wrinkling. While retinoid might not seem like the perfect choice for your skin, use it before going to bed twice a week before making it an every night habit. If it still feels irritating on the skin, consult a dermatologist to find the right solution and products for your skin.

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    7. Change Products When Required

Have you ever heard of the fact that we should not use one product in continuation on our skin and hair for more than three months? If not, then store this beauty tip somewhere you would never forget it. Even if you have found great products for your skin type, you can always experiment with other products. If you feel that a product has stopped doing its magic on your skin, find a replacement as soon as possible to keep your beauty and skin care regime undisturbed. Do not change many products together, take one step at a time for efficient results.

Yes, beauty and skin care might seem too much to handle, but once you design a care regime for your skin depending on its requirements and follow it with your heart, the betterment of your skin will be unstoppable. Use these tips to your advantage, and let us know if they brought a positive difference in your skin’s health.

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