5 Important Facts That You Should Know about Medication Safety

5 Important Facts That You Should Know about Medication Safety

One way to guarantee medication safety is to educate yourself about the particular drugs that you or your loved one is taking and the health conditions they treat. Drugs are intended to help you feel better. However, they can also cause harm if stored or used inappropriately. Here is a basic guideline to ensure safety when using your medications.

Keep a list of all drugs

It is important that you have a list of all the medications that you or your loved ones are using. The drug list should consist of the name, color or imprint on every capsule or tablet, prescription date, the strength or dose, the recommended dosage, what it is meant for, duration of taking the drug, foods or other things to avoid, side effects, name and contacts of prescriber and pharmacy. It is important that this information is updated frequently and shared with healthcare providers.

Read prescription leaflets and labels carefully

It is important for patients to know the drugs they are taking, why they are taking them, and any possible side effects. Most pharmacies provide clients with printed information when they fill prescriptions and it is crucial for one to read this. Most drugs will also come with a detailed leaflet and label with drug components that you should read.

Buying drugs online

Many people opt to purchase medication from online pharmacies to save money and effort. However, there are risks that are involved and you must ensure that you only buy from licensed online drugstores. This will ensure that you do not endanger your health by buying expired, counterfeited or unsafe drugs. You must ensure that the website has a valid telephone number and address that enables you to contact the registered pharmacist whenever you have questions. Check out https://www.ukmeds.co.uk for authentic medicines.

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Follow instructions

Drugs must be taken as prescribed by your physician. It is important that you do not take more or less medication than recommended and avoid changing the dosage or times taken without consulting your pharmacist or doctor first. This is important because medicines can result in unexpected side effects or interactions when the dosages are altered.

Correct storage

Using improper storage methods for your medication can damage them. Some medicines may require refrigeration. However, others should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place such as a closet or kitchen pantry. The cotton ball should be taken out of the medicine bottle after opening because it attracts moisture and other drugs should be kept in their original containers and out of reach of children.

Whether you purchase your drugs in an online or physical drug store, it is important to ask questions. If you are not sure about anything concerning the medicines, you should never hesitate to ask your pharmacist. Drug safety is a combined effort between the patient, doctors, and the pharmacist. Therefore, it is important for you to play your part by speaking up and having all your inquiries clarified. This way, you will avoid any mistakes that may harm your health if you take your drugs incorrectly.

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