Science, Speed, And Self

Science, Speed, And Self


Gone are the days when people used to use their gut to build muscle. Nowadays, science is one hand to help and make sure the flab turns into toned abs and bulging biceps. And, the quicker this happens, the better because everyone lives in a consumerist society.

To speed up the process, aspiring athletes need to recover ASAP. When the muscles are fit and ready to go, you can lift and begin to build again. And, once more, science is here to guide you through the process. It’s not an exaggeration to say that people don’t understand recovery and overload the body with too much pressure.

If you are one of these people, now is the time to step back and learn. Here are the proven methods to aid recovery.

Get More Sleep

Getting plenty of zzzs is a difficult topic to broach. To begin with, the relationship between sleep and recovery isn’t entirely known. However, lots of studies show that eight hours a night leads to healthier muscles. While the exact connection may be a long way off, the facts are pretty conclusive. Take the process of protein synthesis as an example. In basic terms, it’s where cells organically generate new proteins. Any self-respecting fitness freak will know that proteins are essential for growth and recovery. So, sleeping after a workout can enhance muscles and help them maintain output for longer. Just don’t oversleep or else the idea of hitting the gym won’t appeal. On average, seven to nine hours an evening is optimal.

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Blast The Choons

Playing music seems like it would have zero effect on the body whatsoever. Looks can be deceiving as music is excellent for workout-related causes. Of course, there is the fact that certified bangers can make you forget about the weights in your legs. During a session, the right songs help you power through without giving in to the temptation to quit. Scientifically, ballads can reduce blood pressure and pulse rate after an intense program. As a result, the heart, the most significant muscle in the body, will get stronger and will be able to pump more blood to the muscles. With increased O2, the impacts of DOMS will be less harsh. Keep in mind that these benefits only apply to slow songs.

Eat Before And After Bed

Many people hate the idea of eating before bed. Not only are they not hungry, but they understand that it can lead to weight gain. Before we go any further, the thing to focus on is timing. Yes, eating too late won’t give the metabolism enough time to break down the nutrients. However, working out in the mid-evening and then having a meal should be fine. Doing this lets the body repair muscles throughout the night and during the day. Foods should be high in BCAAs as BCAA’s decrease exercise-induced muscle damage. Plus, they contain amino acids such as leucine which is integral for building muscle. A dish which includes fish is always a savvy move, as is drinking a shake.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

It’s easy for the muscles to get dehydrated during an intense workout. Because they need as much fluid as possible, they will soak it up like a dry riverbed. Replenishing levels during exercise is not impossible but impractical. When you are pounding the weights or treadmill, the last thing you want to do is reach for a bottle of water. The optimal time to re-hydrate is after the session as s couple of glasses of water will prevent further damage to the muscles. You may like to reach for a drink which is full of electrolytes but think carefully. Sugary refreshments are helpful during yet they are a hindrance afterwards. Usually, H2O is enough to regulate the muscles and the whole body.

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Science, Speed, And Self


Ice Bath

What? In this weather? Not a chance! Okay, the wintertime may not be the best season to jump into an ice-cold tub of water. However, there is a method to the madness. Studies show that cold water helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and soreness for up to 24-hours after a workout. That is the perfect solution for those of you that suffer from DOMS. Repairing the tears in the cells makes it easier to recover and then exercise again. Also, it reduces the need for constant breaks in between sessions. Some people need two days off, which is a long time. With an ice bath, you’ll need one before you are ready to pump iron again.

Science is the key to recovery, so are you ready to turn into a boffin for the sake of your body?

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