Breast Revision Surgery: The Solution to Breast Augmentation Problems

breast augmentation image of woman after surgery

In case you wonder what breast revision surgery is all about, know that it is a surgery that resolves complications associated with previous procedures on the breast like breast augmentation, or a breast lift. A breast revision surgery in Atlanta can help to resolve the problem of dissatisfaction with the size of the implants, sagging, alignment, symmetry or infection.

Often, people assume that breast augmentation surgery is a simple one in nature and the execution will deliver perfect results, but actually, it is quite complex. Proper attention and surgical techniques to the details are vital for good results, and these too are overlooked sometimes. This can result in complication and patient dissatisfaction. Like any other cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation is a complex one and needs utmost attention from the surgeons.

Common Problems that Require Breast Revision Surgery

Usually, the common complaints that patients have are their dissatisfaction in three areas, the breast implant size, sensation in the breasts after augmentation, and the natural look of their breasts after a breast augmentation surgery. Such dissatisfactions need to be avoided by the surgeons, minimizing the need for another Crispin Plastic Surgery revision surgery.

However, if you encounter any problem after the breast augmentation surgery, know the solutions, and causes that will lead to the best results and you can consult your surgeon for other options. Although breast revision surgery is one woman or patients ask for when they need to change the shape of their breast, there are times when they may need a revision surgery to correct complications and problems associated with their breast augmentation surgery.

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The need for breast revision surgeries falls into main categories, including:

Problems with the Breast Implants

  • Asymmetry with the implants, in which one is higher than the other or situated too far laterally or medially with respect to the other breast implant.
  • Symmastia (or bread loafing), a problem that often results in over-dissection in the medial region of the breast over the sternum in an attempt by the surgeon to create a better cleavage. This ends up causing the breasts to touch in the middle and the skin to lift off from the sternum.
  • Implants that remain too high after the operation could deflate settle or drop into the correct position.
  • Implants that are too far apart often causing undesirable cleavage

Problems with the Breast Implants Used

  • Sometimes, rupture or deflation of an implant could occur. Usually, this issue is an obvious one because the implants (saline) effect fades away too soon in a day or two. The saline solution, although safe for the body to absorb has no harmful effects at all, it is best to have a revision surgery to replace the implants within a few weeks to prevent the pocket from shrinking. Silicone implants, on the other hand, are less obvious and require an ultrasound or MRI examinations by the surgeon to detect whether they are in place or not. Most of the implants surgeons use today has a full replacement warranty with no further costs to you.
  • The second most common reason why most women consider a revision surgery is because of their dissatisfaction with the size of the implants (too small or too large). Often, women go for a bigger size. The best way to avoid this problem is by going through a thorough evaluation and making decisions accordingly.
  • Another reason is capsular contracture. This happens when your body forms a thick scar around the breast implants. This can occur on one or both sides and causes a change in the shape, increases breast firmness, and causes discomfort. It is more common following hematoma or infection. This is less common and has a less effect with silicone and saline implants.
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Problems with the Tissue Characteristics of the Patient

  • It could be that the nipples appear too large after the augmentation and require a revision surgery to alter its position and shape.
  • In some cases, the prominence of the areolar complex by the herniation of the breast tissue into the areolar complex causes a snoopy deformity (name from the cartoon character Snoopy).
  • As a result of aging, thinning of the breast tissues is a common problem, breastfeeding or pregnancy can also result in the change of the implants (more visible) causing them to look less natural.
  • In some cases, asymmetry in the sizes occurs. The shape and position of the implants could change during the surgery and once diagnosed these help to correct the asymmetry of the breasts.
  • Elongation of the skin due to sagging can cause the breasts to lose its elasticity, a recovery surgery, in this case, helps to change the shape.

A breast recovery surgery comes with the power to rectify a number of post-operation problems. If you experience any problem in your breasts or have post surgical complications such as the ones mentioned above, it is advisable that you consult an experienced surgeon.

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