Fun Sports That Offer A Good Workout

Good Workout on bicycle sports

It’s no secret that the best forms of exercise are those that you enjoy doing, which is why taking up a sport is a great way to get fit. While you build muscle from all sports, even if it’s from something as simple as swinging your golf clubs as you go from hole to hole, there are some sports that offer more of a full body workout than others. So, if you want the most bang for the buck when it comes to fun sports that build muscle, then you’ll want to take up one of the activities listed below.


This is a great activity that you can do solo or with friends. For the best workout, you’ll want to choose routes that have lots of hills. As you ride the bike, you’ll be engaging your core muscles to stay balanced, your arm and back muscles for steering, and your legs for powering you around town. For an even better workout, do some trail riding on a mountain bike where you’ll have to deal with obstacles along the course.

Racquet Sports

Things like tennis and racquetball are a great way to get in a good workout while having a good time. These sports require constant movement all around the court, which makes them a great cardio workout option. Even a backyard game of badminton offers similar benefits.


Like racquet sports, the game of soccer requires a lot of movement from players all over the field. You’ll do a lot of jogging and sprinting as you chase the ball down the field, which is good for your cardiovascular health. It also increases your aerobic capacity. With the fast moving pace of the game, you’ll also get the benefit of improved coordination. Additional health benefits include better flexibility and stamina.

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Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing

These three water sports offer similar workouts for the body since you engage in the same repetitive rowing motion with your arms. Of these, rowing itself is the best for a whole body workout since it takes a lot of effort to row down the river and uses all the major muscle groups. You also end up with better coordination after regularly engaging in one of these activities. And if it is too cold outside, then you can head to the local gym and get the same workout on the rowing machine.


Whether you play field hockey or ice hockey, your body gets a great workout from this fun sport. Ice hockey is very cardio intensive and requires a lot of stamina to move across the ice so quickly. And since you have to balance on skates, you end up engaging those core muscles during the entire game. You can get ice hockey skates here, but if you’re not really into ice skating and prefer field hockey, then you’ll also get a lot of the same health benefits from playing it. Both hockey games offer improvements to your coordination, endurance, and flexibility.


Another great solo sport you can take up is running. This one offers a lot of benefits when it comes to improving your cardiovascular health. It also gives those leg muscles a good workout. And since you can run outside, you end up with all the positive mental benefits that come with being out in nature. You can even amplify those benefits by switching to trail running instead of pavement running.

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These six sports are a great alternative to hitting the gym, but they’re not the only sports that offer a good workout. If you don’t like any of these sports, then consider taking up something else that interests you.

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